A Message From Jan

This is Jan Schon and I’m taking a moment out from my usual type of posts to tell you about something completely unrelated. I’m always out on the road visiting schools and colleges and speak to a lot of people, so this post is about the new loves of my life: dogs.

Nylah my GSDFrom years and years of not having dogs in our house, in the space of 4 months we’ve now got two. We got our first dog, a golden cocker spaniel in October 2014 when he was 8 weeks old. Everyone loved him so much we decided to get another dog to keep him company and in March we got a 7 week old German Shepherd girl. Now six weeks after we got her, she’s slightly taller than him an probably as long too, although it’s difficult to tell because our cocker spaniel has long fur so unless he’s been swimming and his coat is wet it’s difficult to see where his body stops and his coat starts.

The spaniel was really the choice of my wife and our eldest daughter, the remaining three of us just went along with it, so when it became clear that we were going to be getting another dog, the three of us who didn’t really have much input into the first breed we got decided we’d like a German Shepherd.

If you’ve never owned or been around spaniels before you might not know that they are a bit daft, ours is generally well behaved but does go a bit loopy from time to time. Out Shepherd is very chilled out and calm, dare I say a ‘model’ dog at the moment. Due to this there’s a joke going around our house at the moment: “Question: What’s better than a German Shepherd? Answer: Two German Shepherds!”, but I’m not so sure how we’d all manage if we had three dogs. Two is fine, they get on well and play together a lot of the time.

Anyway, back to work, I’m off visiting a school where data seems to be disappearing….

Big Problems For Data Recovery Companies

In the UK there are perhaps 5 data recovery companies. Now when I use the words “data recovery company” I am talking about a specialist company that can recover data from broken hard disks. A Google search for “data recovery company” in the UK will produce thousands of results, but 99.9% of the results returned will not be for data recovery companies, instead they will be PC shops that offer a data recovery service.

Heres the problem: the data recovery services provided by PC shops are far inferior to the data recovery services provided by these 5 or so proper data recovery companies, but YOU and I don’t know that. There’s a very high probability that a PC shop will be unable to repair a hard drive with a mechanical fault and therefore will be unable to recover the data from the hard drive, but a specialist data recovery company will be able to repair the drive and recover the data from it.

So the moral of this story is to understand that the data recovery services offered by most of the companies in a Google search will be useless as they are PC shops and not proper data recovery companies.

Data Clinic Ltd - A Specilaist UK Data Recovery CompanySo how do you find a proper data recovery company? Well, I recommend you start by visiting Data Clinic (http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/), the UK’s premier data recovery company.

Data Recovery from Potable USB External Hard Disk Drives

There are many options available when choosing a hard drive data recovery service from an external USB portable hard drive. This type of hard disk drive is a very popular form of data storage – the USB nature of the external hard drive means it’s a great item and very portable. Many people will carry them around in their rucksacks or briefcases. External hard drives are portable and connect to the host computer via a USB cable interface. Hard drives like this are also very popular items for data recovery companies to work on as portable hard drives are easily damaged as they are external USB devices that can get bashed around from time to time.

Data recovery and hard drive recovery can be used on any type of external portable USB hard drive. Popular makes are Western Digital’s (http://wdc.com/en/) ultra slim MyPassport, MyBook and Elements series, while Seagate (http://www.seagate.com/gb/en/) Expansion portable hard drives are available for backup and data storage purposes. Other popular manufacturers of external portable hard drives are Iomega, Lacie and Gtech (for Mac), Before data recovery on any of these hard drives can be successfully the first thing that often needs to be done is to repair the hard drive. Data recovery companies often discover that portable hard drives are often dropped, this frequently causes a mechanical fault on the hard drive, making it necessary for the hard drive recovery company to repair this fault before data recovery can be attempted.

A Western Digital portable hard disk driveExperts in portable hard drive recovery are England’s Data Clinic Ltd – http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-external-disk/. Data Clinic are also data recovery partners of Seagate and Western Digital, so they are able to retrieve and restore the data from practically any type of broken hard drive regardless of whether it’s an external USB Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, Lacie, GTech or similar device. We use Data Clinic’s data recovery service at our local authority and they have rescued data from dead hard drives for us on several occasions.

Network Attached Storage Installations

WD NASThis article is about buying a NAS box for your home or small office environment. Hopefully it will give you confidence to install one yourself if this is something you want to do. My oldest daughter has her very own notebook and my youngest daughter comes with an IPad. They both have smartphones also. Additionally they shoot lots of pictures which wish to save, as texting and well and all of those other things teens use their mobile phones for.

Saving this data to the family iMac was good – there was lots os space and it had been an uncomplicated thing to realize but as time went by there was more and more data to save – more pictures, more videos and now music also. Utilizing the net to find a solution to my issue, my focus was brought to Network Attached Storage, otherwise called NAS. Essentially these are devices that connect to the router in your house a let anyone connected to that router to utilize them. Great I believed – I’ll get among those ! And so I did so, everyone was happy.

It came in a good box using a link to Datlabs NAS Support who I could call if I needed any technical assistance setting the NAS upward and getting it working right. I simply plugged it in, typed our password on our network and it installed itself. The very first thing to do was to transfer all our pictures, videos and music data from our family Mac onto the NAS. That was easy – a simple drag and drop operation saw that finished with no troubles. There was loads of data – some 50GB or so… How can teens make as much data?? All of which was of course, vital to them.

Anyhow with that done I set about cleaning the Mac upward and deleting files and folders. Another 30 minutes or so and it was finished. The initial thug I found was the the machine started to run a great deal faster – which was a result I was really pleased with.

Next I took a view of the setup of our new NAS apparatus. It’s a 4 disc Linux based storage device that runs RAID 5. This implies the data it holds is spread throughout all 4 discs instead of one. That’s somewhat unusual I presumed but after closer investigation I learned this was infact a great matter. It permits one drive to neglect and my data to still live without being lost. RAID 5 additionally supply increased data read speeds too – something that was obvious in the minute we started using our NAS file server concurrently. While I had been able to stream music from this my daughters could see their pictures. This all worked good – something that we’re able to never do before in the Mac as it was simply not fast enough. So introducing a NAS RAID file server into our house surroundings is a great success. Installing it was simple and I didn’t need to get hold of Datlabs for help in setting this up, I do believe I’ll keep their link though only incase anything occurs to the NAS that I can’t sort out myself.

A Review of the HP ProLiant ML110 Server and RAID Array

HP ML Series ServerHP ProLiant ML110 is a perfect desktop pc for your company use. There are tons of great attributes within this version and one can’t enhance its complete function within a review. But, I’ve tried my best to emphasize some of its own essential attributes and benefits of HP ProLiant ML110. There are numerous best items to emphasize within this pc. As this is really one of the more affordable computers with outstanding specs this product pc may be bought by anyone.

* All the HP computers are pricey because they have a business name within the pc and applications business. HP has come out with pc in several ranges and the priciest version it offered was around $2000. There are just few computers which were made from the HP computers within this range and 1 of these HP ML110.

Leading assembled USB ports are somewhat more suitable to manage. Whenever you select elective resources also the speed of the device increases.

* I’d like to highlight a number of the settings of the version. The processor used within this COMPUTER is quad-core 3.0GHz which is often expanded to 3.6 GHz processor. Obviously the utmost hard disc capacity will even fit huge organizations. This device is, in addition, created with LO100c device which lets you handle the server remotely. A number of the added characteristics that may be contained within this device are SATA hard-drive and optical drive.

* This COMPUTER is really one of HEWLETT-PACKARD Company’s improvements for small-scale companies. HP ProLiant ML110 are designed for large workload. This specific model was utilized by many business-people who gave good comments for this particular machine. The machine has strong server with amazing attributes. You can manage any kind of complicated applications and high-level software with ease within this COMPUTER.

* HP ProLiant ML110 version computer could be altered to your own need. You should use this machine with fundamental specification because it’s ample for the small company. Should you want to possess higher settings this version may also be upgraded in future.

Because, the speed isn’t so high you can pick many discretionary instruments to create your HP ProLiant ML110 pc to package your company need. Don’t stress, even though you can not afford additional cash for sophisticated features and discretionary tools. This machine could be upgraded any time once you’ve got cash in your hand. HP ML110 version desktop computer could be bargained further should you employ the HP reduction coupon codes which are accessible within the net.