ML370 Recovery of Data

HP ML370 RAID serverA disk failed in a raid 5 configuration (set of 3 disks) on a ML370 G4. replaced drive and will not build the raid and boots halfway into windows 2003 server and then the screen goes black. Then the unit does not respond what so ever.

2TB SSHD Seagate hard drive (Model ST2000DX001)
Removed from a Z-Series workstation by an unqualified user
No longer spins / clicks / powers on.
Initial assumption is PCB board needs replacing but we don’t have capacity to test / confirm.
I do not believe there has been any other damage to the hard drive and we have not made an attempt to open it.

I have a Seagate External Drive Model SRD00F1. When I connect it makes some clicking noises but my PC do not recognise the disk. The drives are in an HP system, not sure which one but possibly an ML370.

My advice when ever dealing with RAID systems requiring data recovery is to go to Data Clinic (their RAID recovery web page is here:
Expect to pay for a diagnosis and again for the recovery should you wish to proceed with the recovery, after the diagnosis reveals what is recoverable.

With RAID related data, don’t be tempted to have a look at getting it back yourself – you’ll enter a world of pain. Files are segmented across all the disks so aren’t on a single disk. So, you need to get the data off of all the disks in the RAID (in this case an ML370) to get the data off correctly.