ICT Recovery Services – A Reminder

Back in March 2016 in a post titled ICT Recovery problems (see here) I talked about how we were having a lot of different hard drive repair and data recovery requests. It’s worth my reiterating that it’s really not a good idea to have a hard drive repaired. We refuse to do it because it causes more problems than it’s worth. Once a hard drive start to go wrong it must be replaced immediately by a member of my team. Please don’t ask a friend outside of work to do it for you as it causes us a lot of difficult and creates a lot of questions relating to data security. Here are two cases that eventually came to us after having been elsewhere.

  • I recently took my macbook pro to repair after a hard drive fail. They replaced the hard drive with a new one but weren’t able to recover the data. I was wondering if there’s a possibility for all the things I had on my old hard drive to be recovered, and eventually to know how much it would cost me (they’re giving my old hard drive back to me).
  • I’ve got a barracude 3TB ST3000DM001 1CH166- 306, Date 14214 100717520 RevB. The drive started posting smart errors in the bios three weeks ago, i did a check disk and it took 3 hours to complete (with no errors) Unfortunately i replaced and backed up another drive by accident. So this barracuda failed and disappeared from the bios, It doesn’t make any sound at all and it’s not being recognised from the bios or windows . I also tried it with my usb to sata dongle in three machines but no luck at all. I was wandering what will be the price range for recovering or fixing this drive.

Remember, if you have any data loss issue to contact us first.

April 2017 – Helpdesk Top 5

Hello All – Here’s the top 5 types of data loss enquiry that were logged at the ICT Helpdesk last month.
I think it’s overheated as it just stopped working and I could smell burning from the drive I removed the hard drive from the LaCie extrnal case to inspect it but could see no visual faults. It’s a 400gb drive with photos movies and music on.

  • no boot device foundMy laptop will not boot and gives the error message ‘no boot device found‘. A local computer repair company has been unable to read the hard drive, which is a Western Digital 1TB WD10JPVX. Annoyingly, my laptop had recently been running very slowly with the drive sometimes showing as being at 100% usage when I checked Task Manager but disabling Flash seemed to help so I didn’t investigate any further. I hope you can help recover my data.
  • 500GB Seagate manufactured hard drive which was originally part of a Maxtor external hard drive. Approximately 250GB of data on the drive.
  • The drive has failed, and is not being read by the computer. No sounds to indicate that the disk is damaged. Drive has power, and spins up. However, it simply continues to spin, without being initialised or read by the computer, so a component fault is suspected.
  • I was moving my hard drives around my house and dropped the hard drive onto laminate from about 4 foot so I think it’s a mechanical problem as the drive starts up and spins for a few seconds then turns off. The hard drive is a desktop hard drive but was once an external that i had that was taken out of the chassis a while back and used in my PC for a while. Read write head damaged, seagate 2TB external hard drive. Would like to try and recover my photos and videos from my hard drive.
  • Drive starts to boot to Windows 7 32 bit. Windows attempts repair but fails. Windows won’t start.Puppy Linux on Live CD does not recognise the drive as existing in file manager but it is aware of the drive in the hardware section.
  • I want to enquire about two items:

1) Do you do DVD repairs? I have 4 disks that are damaged that i need recovered.
2) Can you put DVDs into a digital format? They are home DVDs with no protection issues.

The DVD recovery was an interesting one. We are hardly ever asked for this. Data is nearly always stored on hard drive, but I’m glad to confirm that yes, we can retrieve data from CD’s and DVD’s too. See your local ICT person for details.