ML370 Recovery of Data

HP ML370 RAID serverA disk failed in a raid 5 configuration (set of 3 disks) on a ML370 G4. replaced drive and will not build the raid and boots halfway into windows 2003 server and then the screen goes black. Then the unit does not respond what so ever.

2TB SSHD Seagate hard drive (Model ST2000DX001)
Removed from a Z-Series workstation by an unqualified user
No longer spins / clicks / powers on.
Initial assumption is PCB board needs replacing but we don’t have capacity to test / confirm.
I do not believe there has been any other damage to the hard drive and we have not made an attempt to open it.

I have a Seagate External Drive Model SRD00F1. When I connect it makes some clicking noises but my PC do not recognise the disk. The drives are in an HP system, not sure which one but possibly an ML370.

My advice when ever dealing with RAID systems requiring data recovery is to go to Data Clinic (their RAID recovery web page is here:
Expect to pay for a diagnosis and again for the recovery should you wish to proceed with the recovery, after the diagnosis reveals what is recoverable.

With RAID related data, don’t be tempted to have a look at getting it back yourself – you’ll enter a world of pain. Files are segmented across all the disks so aren’t on a single disk. So, you need to get the data off of all the disks in the RAID (in this case an ML370) to get the data off correctly.


HP Proliant DL380

An HP Proliant DL380 RAID 5 server

Yesterday I received an interesting Raid data recovery question from a prospective customer who was experiencing problems with his HP Proliant servers and was looking for an expert to help restore the data from them. He wrote:

“I have two HP proliant servers, both are RAID 5 configuration, one is DL380 G3, and the other DL180 G5.

Both had hard disk failures and are failing to load the OS even after the drives have been replaced.

Kindly let me know how we can recover these.”

My reply:

Hi there – thanks for your question. While I’m proficient in rescuing files from individual hard drives and SSD’s, retrieving them from failing RAID 5 servers is beyond my skills. I therefore recommend a company called Data Clinic who I have called on in the past when I’ve needed Raid data recovery. I know they have excellent abilities in working on HP Proliant servers so you will have excellent chances of getting your data recovered from both RAID 5 servers.

As the asker of the question failed to tell me what part of the UK he was from I was not able to recommend the nearest Data Clinic location to him so instead sent him details of their London data recovery operating centre and their Manchester head office.

Proliant servers are used across many LEA’s throughout the UK and I’ve had experience in commissioning and decommissioning them in Liverpool (2 locations), Leeds, York and Exeter. The Exeter location was a little out the way as I’m sure you can appreciate especially when you realise I’m based in Lancaster these days, but it was a tricky job and having several years working with both HP equipment and troubleshooting RAID 5 arrays I guess I was the obvious choice for the job. That was some 5 years ago though and I’ve been out of touch with RAID and HP devices for a while now, so rather than trust my rusty skills, I thought the best course of action was to recommend Data Clinic and I heard just before commencing this blog post that they had started recovering the data from both systems, so all’s well that ends well 🙂

New Server Contractors

Tom Marsh from the Higher Education Funding Council ( has been addressing the continuing problems with data redundancy on several LEA servers. As we know the core infrastructure we implement provides several robust techniques for data duplication specifically to avoid data loss, but as we all also know, there are instances when for one reason or another, data is not backed up.

One such instance that has raised my hackles lately is that of an HP server in a local school. Several of you who know me personally will immediately know the school I am talking about but I’m not about to start naming names and pointing fingers of blame. The data loss happened, it wasn’t backed up and that was the situation we had to sort out.

In an effort to streamline our go-to contractors I’m moving our server support to the people below. I’ve used them three times now and unlike some other recovery companies I’ve had experience in dealing with, this lot are actually pretty good and seem to know what they are doing. Contact me for names etc if you need them, I now have some very good techie contacts.

For Dell Servers:

For HP Servers:

For IBM Servers:

For NAS:

Thanks, J

A Review of the HP ProLiant ML110 Server and RAID Array

HP ML Series ServerHP ProLiant ML110 is a perfect desktop pc for your company use. There are tons of great attributes within this version and one can’t enhance its complete function within a review. But, I’ve tried my best to emphasize some of its own essential attributes and benefits of HP ProLiant ML110. There are numerous best items to emphasize within this pc. As this is really one of the more affordable computers with outstanding specs this product pc may be bought by anyone.

* All the HP computers are pricey because they have a business name within the pc and applications business. HP has come out with pc in several ranges and the priciest version it offered was around $2000. There are just few computers which were made from the HP computers within this range and 1 of these HP ML110.

Leading assembled USB ports are somewhat more suitable to manage. Whenever you select elective resources also the speed of the device increases.

* I’d like to highlight a number of the settings of the version. The processor used within this COMPUTER is quad-core 3.0GHz which is often expanded to 3.6 GHz processor. Obviously the utmost hard disc capacity will even fit huge organizations. This device is, in addition, created with LO100c device which lets you handle the server remotely. A number of the added characteristics that may be contained within this device are SATA hard-drive and optical drive.

* This COMPUTER is really one of HEWLETT-PACKARD Company’s improvements for small-scale companies. HP ProLiant ML110 are designed for large workload. This specific model was utilized by many business-people who gave good comments for this particular machine. The machine has strong server with amazing attributes. You can manage any kind of complicated applications and high-level software with ease within this COMPUTER.

* HP ProLiant ML110 version computer could be altered to your own need. You should use this machine with fundamental specification because it’s ample for the small company. Should you want to possess higher settings this version may also be upgraded in future.

Because, the speed isn’t so high you can pick many discretionary instruments to create your HP ProLiant ML110 pc to package your company need. Don’t stress, even though you can not afford additional cash for sophisticated features and discretionary tools. This machine could be upgraded any time once you’ve got cash in your hand. HP ML110 version desktop computer could be bargained further should you employ the HP reduction coupon codes which are accessible within the net.