Getting data from a RAID Buffalo Linkstation, WhatApp message and an unrepairable disk Buffalo RAID Linkstation Data Recovery

Buffalo Linkstation RAID Recovery

This blog examines data recovery services provided by Datlabs Data Recovery a UK company specialising in data recovery services.

Buffalo raid linkstation. No power. Won’t turn on. I tried plugging into 3 different Devices. I am a teacher and it has everything I have ever taught on there and will need to teach on Monday. Really in need of your help please!

My 10TB Buffalo Linkstation was put in a RAID configuration and now it says D: is unaccessable and the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable. When trying to use chkdsk, i get file system is ntfs unable to determine volume version and state. however device manager says its filetype RAW. data recovery software doesnt get any files. my data is very important.

Buffalo Linkstation RAID

Restore WhatsApp Media from Phone

  • Whatsapp on my iphone will not restore my media unless I free up 5GB of iphone storage. My Iphone storage is showing I have over 15GB available. I would like my media restored and do not wish to lose it.
  • Iphone X, Water damage repair and data recovery need to restore and rescue WhatsApp messages.
  • Iphone 7, Smashed screen and no battery, need to recover Whatsapp data from the phone.
  • I am looking for a quote for data recovery on my Ipad Air 2. Unfortunately, a software update seems to have left my ipad permanently rebooting – and thus unusable.
  • I would be most grateful for a quote to retrieve the photographs and Whats App messages on the ipad, if possible.

Mac OS can’t repair disk

Hard drive appears on Mac but comes up with an error code saying that OS cannot repair the disk.
The disk is very slow, but can be read, some items can be copied over and backed up but the majority of items come up saying ‘error code 63’.

Reading Data Recovery

My SanDisk USB has stopped working, i’ve tested it on various computers and run driver updates. it cannot be recognised.
Are you able to extract data from the USB? I am located in Reading and know of a good data recovery clinic in London on Lombard Street.

reading data recovery

Broken motherboard on iPhone
iPhone 6 with broken motherboard, desperately need sentimental photos recovered from it

it does not show up in the desktop even though the light in the drive blinks as if it was working. tried recovering the data from small repair shops but I was told to go to a tech lab

WD My Passport 2TB
My drive is broken and isn’t acknowledged by computer.
Can I have a rough estimate for recovery. I will provide a new hard drive for transfer of data. I have a hard drive failure in Reading.

I have broken the connector area to the hard drive, so it won’t turn on. Would you be able to help with this?

i have a seagate expansion+ hard drive that is clicking when i plug it in, the laptop will not recgonise the device either. i suspect that the read/write head is on the platter which is causing the issue i need the hard drive to be looked at ad repaired or if not i would need my documents back

WD My Book 750 GB has failed. Would like recovery to replacement HD. Do you have a drop in service in Caversham or Reading?
The hardier makes no sound at all
There is nothing moving.

  • Recovering my files from Seagate hard drive 500GB
  • Broken hard drive, been told that I will need specialist company to remove the data/.
  • Mypassport 1tb.had it checked at computer shop and I need to recover all of my personal data.
  • An external HDD that was used in a NAS drive has become inaccessible. I’m looking for quotes to attempt recovery of the data.
  • Seagate: clicking sound and flashing blue light.
  • Mac hard drive – with file vault no long reading properly. Does show up but stops responding.
  • Computer acknowledges hard drive plug in but lets no access to content on drive.
  • Diagnostic test done and showed up completely red no green.
  • Memory stick may be damaged and want to recover the files from it
  • The computer no longer recognises the hard disk drive.
  • Clicking sound when plugged in. Not aware of it being dropped but could have been angled in transit moving house.
  • Dropped harddrive, now making clicking sound

ZFS Recovery

zfsA number of systems have arrived that have the ZFS file system installed on them. Whilst straightforward and offering more rich features than most file systems, so people have run into problems with data loss and repartitioning. My advice is that if anyone finds a problem on their ZFS file system, not to tackle it themselves but instead contact the ICT on let us deal with it! Some offsite workers have had some success with the data recovery services of Datlabs Data Recovery. We haven’t used them yet so I am unable to pass comment.

I accidentally deleted a ZFS volume while using FreeNAS corral. Panicked and decided to do a clean install of FreeNas 9.10. When I tried to import the volume it didn’t show up in the gui, so I went to the console and ran “zpool import -D”. This showed the pool and said that since it had last been used on a different system I would have to use –f to import it. I ran “zpool import -D -f MassStorage”. This didn’t seem to do anything and now I can’t find the volume at all. Can you help?

Again I reiterate – contact me or an ICT team member if you have ZFS problems, Linux users please ensure you are up to date with your software patches also!!!!

March 2017 – ICT Recovery Problems

Hi All – Here’s a selection of problems logged with the ICT last month. Thanks to our hard drive recovery chums Data Clinic for their continued support at getting most of this data back! Problems are from mainly phones and hard drives – let me say again, please don’t try to fix these faults yourself – have someone from ICT come to you – average response time in Feb 17 was 40 minutes.

I have a desktop that has not worked for 4/5 years , it just stopped. 123Gb HDD, still fitted in base unit, data recovery has not been recovered previously. I just want to get the data off the HDD

MacBook Pro 2011 hard drive partially failed. Tried to boot from an external HD but couldn’t find files. Looking to recover photos mainly.

I dropped my laptop this evening and when i turn it on it goes straight to the re-boot screen (aptio setup utility), the laptop was shutting down at the time of dropping it but had not completly shut down, how much would it cost for you to have a look at it asap?

I dropped my iphone at work and the screen is damaged and unreadable and before i send it to the insurance company to get fix i was wondering if i could retrieve the data. and how much it would be

MyPassport external hard drive. Tried copying over backup from hard drive onto new MacBook. Device was not showing up in finder. Was showing up in disk utility but unable to mound drive. First aid was also unsuccessful.

I have accidentally deleted a phone recording which I need for work. Any chance you can restore it please? I have an android StK phone.

Computer crashed and drive failed to remount on start up. Mac no longer detects hard drive but I can see it in Disk Utility which says it is corrupted.

Backed up data on external hard drive in the form of a time machine back up
My Mac was wiped to make running quicker, now I cannot install the back up or even access the files, my Mac isn’t recognising the device when plugged in
It’s in a hard external case, it used to be a sky hard drive which I then housed myself in an external case.
I would like to know if it’s possible to access the files and how much it would cost

The drive became very slow and them showed up as raw. The data recovery guy is unable to find a donor drive, says the head in busted. Hence looking for a donor drive

WD HDD wd600ue device was dropped – spins freely when read/write assembly removed but catches when installed again


HP Proliant DL380

An HP Proliant DL380 RAID 5 server

Yesterday I received an interesting Raid data recovery question from a prospective customer who was experiencing problems with his HP Proliant servers and was looking for an expert to help restore the data from them. He wrote:

“I have two HP proliant servers, both are RAID 5 configuration, one is DL380 G3, and the other DL180 G5.

Both had hard disk failures and are failing to load the OS even after the drives have been replaced.

Kindly let me know how we can recover these.”

My reply:

Hi there – thanks for your question. While I’m proficient in rescuing files from individual hard drives and SSD’s, retrieving them from failing RAID 5 servers is beyond my skills. I therefore recommend a company called Data Clinic who I have called on in the past when I’ve needed Raid data recovery. I know they have excellent abilities in working on HP Proliant servers so you will have excellent chances of getting your data recovered from both RAID 5 servers.

As the asker of the question failed to tell me what part of the UK he was from I was not able to recommend the nearest Data Clinic location to him so instead sent him details of their London data recovery operating centre and their Manchester head office.

Proliant servers are used across many LEA’s throughout the UK and I’ve had experience in commissioning and decommissioning them in Liverpool (2 locations), Leeds, York and Exeter. The Exeter location was a little out the way as I’m sure you can appreciate especially when you realise I’m based in Lancaster these days, but it was a tricky job and having several years working with both HP equipment and troubleshooting RAID 5 arrays I guess I was the obvious choice for the job. That was some 5 years ago though and I’ve been out of touch with RAID and HP devices for a while now, so rather than trust my rusty skills, I thought the best course of action was to recommend Data Clinic and I heard just before commencing this blog post that they had started recovering the data from both systems, so all’s well that ends well 🙂

Big Problems For Data Recovery Companies

In the UK there are perhaps 5 data recovery companies. Now when I use the words “data recovery company” I am talking about a specialist company that can recover data from broken hard disks. A Google search for “data recovery company” in the UK will produce thousands of results, but 99.9% of the results returned will not be for data recovery companies, instead they will be PC shops that offer a data recovery service.

Heres the problem: the data recovery services provided by PC shops are far inferior to the data recovery services provided by these 5 or so proper data recovery companies, but YOU and I don’t know that. There’s a very high probability that a PC shop will be unable to repair a hard drive with a mechanical fault and therefore will be unable to recover the data from the hard drive, but a specialist data recovery company will be able to repair the drive and recover the data from it.

So the moral of this story is to understand that the data recovery services offered by most of the companies in a Google search will be useless as they are PC shops and not proper data recovery companies.

Data Clinic Ltd - A Specilaist UK Data Recovery CompanySo how do you find a proper data recovery company? Well, I recommend you start by visiting Data Clinic (, the UK’s premier data recovery company.

Data Recovery from Potable USB External Hard Disk Drives

There are many options available when choosing a hard drive data recovery service from an external USB portable hard drive. This type of hard disk drive is a very popular form of data storage – the USB nature of the external hard drive means it’s a great item and very portable. Many people will carry them around in their rucksacks or briefcases. External hard drives are portable and connect to the host computer via a USB cable interface. Hard drives like this are also very popular items for data recovery companies to work on as portable hard drives are easily damaged as they are external USB devices that can get bashed around from time to time.

Data recovery and hard drive recovery can be used on any type of external portable USB hard drive. Popular makes are Western Digital’s ( ultra slim MyPassport, MyBook and Elements series, while Seagate ( Expansion portable hard drives are available for backup and data storage purposes. Other popular manufacturers of external portable hard drives are Iomega, Lacie and Gtech (for Mac), Before data recovery on any of these hard drives can be successfully the first thing that often needs to be done is to repair the hard drive. Data recovery companies often discover that portable hard drives are often dropped, this frequently causes a mechanical fault on the hard drive, making it necessary for the hard drive recovery company to repair this fault before data recovery can be attempted.

A Western Digital portable hard disk driveExperts in portable hard drive recovery are England’s Data Clinic Ltd – Data Clinic are also data recovery partners of Seagate and Western Digital, so they are able to retrieve and restore the data from practically any type of broken hard drive regardless of whether it’s an external USB Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, Lacie, GTech or similar device. We use Data Clinic’s data recovery service at our local authority and they have rescued data from dead hard drives for us on several occasions.

How important is CCTV?

What exactly is CCTV? What sorts of CCTV are available? What is going to function as the most resourceful for me? Read this succinct post to get a deep knowledge of CCTV techniques, their benefits and drawbacks and more.

downloadTheft is a problem for all companies. Committeded security guards can be expensive, and even they can’t be omnipresent inside a shop when an act of stealing happens. CCTV DVR Systems supply a means to securely monitor your establishment at all times to deter many crimes and supply investigators with priceless data when a thief does strike to regain property.

CCTV DVR systems are employed to supply what is generally 24/7 observation for a place of business or house. These systems can be configured in a broad variety of manners depending on the budget and the security needs of an user. The system starts with a chain of CCTV cameras set all over the location. They can blanket both the exterior and inside of the establishment. Ideally the camera angles should overlap in such a manner that blind spots are eliminated.

CCTV cameras come in a myriad of shapes. Dome cameras are used fairly frequently. These can also hide the precise direction of the camera making them harder to avert. One can additionally install infrared cameras which pick up heat signatures even when there is no light. Hidden cams can be deployed which are challenging to identify as cameras.

The CCTV camera(s) are then capable to relay impulses of data as they occur as a way to send to a DVR apparatus. This Often will be managed by means of a normal coaxial cable. As technology has progressed nonetheless, there are now wireless choices available. This helps out when installing the camera, additionally, with wireless, thieves can not break any wires. Sadly there are signal jammers that might influence the CCTV cameras (if they have a corresponding frequency)

The footage is then recorded to the Digital Video Recording apparatus. In this way, footage may be sent to your law enforcement body once the thieving happens. many newer DVR devices can only record when there is movement detected by the cam. In this manner, the DVR storage device will be able to fit more data on and the devices are under less pressure.
You can obtain different kinds of DVR computer configurations. Nowadays, there are a lot that require a computer. These are simply ordinary PCs configured to accept signals from the cameras monitoring a building. It is a system to possess as a result of its adaptability. It might utilise more efficient video formats and there is (ordinarily) a lot more room on committed hard drives than DVR systems only. You can also update the existing components if you wish to do so.

Desktop PC





The main negative thing as the main storage apparatus of CCTV data in having a pc is that one can run the chance of your pc crashing. If this happened during a robbery, you would have no footage (which is the whole purpose of having CCTV). There are qualified people who know how to get data back from devices however, so not to worry!

Digital Video Recording systems are designed and used solely for the purpose of this were developed in order to battle the possible faults of PCs. The real size of standard DVRs is similar to a large DVD player or VHS player. This sort of DVR is similar to that of a TV-DVR, as the apparatus gets and houses the footage on a hard disk drive that is internal to the system. It is challenging to update these types of systems nonetheless, meaning that the technology in it might be out of date and could be holding your security back.

The leading advantage to some CCTV DVR program (s) that is a portion of a network is that you can frequently find a way to manage the movements of the cam(s). All of the data from the DVR is connected by a layer 3 switch and is able to transmit itself to any location around the world to be seen and modified. These devices usually have additional abilities to be able to stream the footage live to locations around the world, should you’ll need it to be tracked elsewhere. This helps in protecting yourself from having the footage captured to be kept safe.







A company really can boost their safety by the resources of a CCTV DVR program. You could have the skill to monitor a location in a variety of locations and record the data for benchmark. The prodigy of these robust systems makes for a notable stand against burglary.


Network Attached Storage Installations

WD NASThis article is about buying a NAS box for your home or small office environment. Hopefully it will give you confidence to install one yourself if this is something you want to do. My oldest daughter has her very own notebook and my youngest daughter comes with an IPad. They both have smartphones also. Additionally they shoot lots of pictures which wish to save, as texting and well and all of those other things teens use their mobile phones for.

Saving this data to the family iMac was good – there was lots os space and it had been an uncomplicated thing to realize but as time went by there was more and more data to save – more pictures, more videos and now music also. Utilizing the net to find a solution to my issue, my focus was brought to Network Attached Storage, otherwise called NAS. Essentially these are devices that connect to the router in your house a let anyone connected to that router to utilize them. Great I believed – I’ll get among those ! And so I did so, everyone was happy.

It came in a good box using a link to Datlabs NAS Support who I could call if I needed any technical assistance setting the NAS upward and getting it working right. I simply plugged it in, typed our password on our network and it installed itself. The very first thing to do was to transfer all our pictures, videos and music data from our family Mac onto the NAS. That was easy – a simple drag and drop operation saw that finished with no troubles. There was loads of data – some 50GB or so… How can teens make as much data?? All of which was of course, vital to them.

Anyhow with that done I set about cleaning the Mac upward and deleting files and folders. Another 30 minutes or so and it was finished. The initial thug I found was the the machine started to run a great deal faster – which was a result I was really pleased with.

Next I took a view of the setup of our new NAS apparatus. It’s a 4 disc Linux based storage device that runs RAID 5. This implies the data it holds is spread throughout all 4 discs instead of one. That’s somewhat unusual I presumed but after closer investigation I learned this was infact a great matter. It permits one drive to neglect and my data to still live without being lost. RAID 5 additionally supply increased data read speeds too – something that was obvious in the minute we started using our NAS file server concurrently. While I had been able to stream music from this my daughters could see their pictures. This all worked good – something that we’re able to never do before in the Mac as it was simply not fast enough. So introducing a NAS RAID file server into our house surroundings is a great success. Installing it was simple and I didn’t need to get hold of Datlabs for help in setting this up, I do believe I’ll keep their link though only incase anything occurs to the NAS that I can’t sort out myself.

Lost Access To Computer Data? – Try These Tips…

Damaged read / write head on a hard diskLosing data on a hard drive is tough because often our onsite support people don’t know what to do to recover the data. Neither do the teachers themselves who are often rather t computer-literate. Fortunately, there are companies which can help you to get that data back. These are called data recovery businesses and they can retrieve data from nearly any type of HDD in any type of condition. So when you realize that you are in a situation where your under pressure to get data back that hasn’t been backed up (again), don’t assume that the client’s data is lost just because their hard drive has stopped working. For first line support you might like to try the Data Recovery Tips web site, it has a few ideas about what you can try, explains the more serious type of hard drive fault and recommends when you should consider using a data recovery company.

Sometimes when there is no damage to the hard disk, software programs can be used to assist you recover your data by yourself. There are generally trial versions that can be found on the internet which will let you know what they can and can not recover first. If you decide you need to regain the data they find you’ll have to buy the program which usually costs several pounds. But at least it’ll get your data back for you. A word of caution though, what may at first appear to be a simple hard drive problem may be something far more serious and trying to regain the data yourself may cause many more difficulties. So if in doubt, you must always seek professional help as there could be difficulties inside your disk that keep it from functioning properly.

There are several businesses that specialise in repairing damaged hard-drives. In the complete process of retrieving your data, theses data recovery companies may also repair your hard disk. You’d utilize a hard drive recovery company when your local information technology provider cannot help you.

Understand that just because your hard-disk breaks or the data on it appears to have disappeared, this does not mean the data is lost forever. Skilled data retrieval businesses that may find and rescue lost data on the damaged hard drive. This helps as it ensures that it isn’t going to occur again.

If you need a data recovery service – please contact me first as I have a list of approved suppliers.