CCTV Recover Data

Here are some data recovery enquiries from CCTV cameras and DVR equipment.
Connected to an MPEG4 DVR and looks as thought he hard drive is not being detected by the DVR anymore. It has not been formatted so there should be data on there but unable to be recovered on the DVR itself. The HDD has been tested on a USB connection via a caddy on a PC and the PC does not see the hard drive either. I need to recover the CCTV image files from this DVR system.

Our WD “My passport” has stopped working, from what we can tell it’s not spinning up anymore (no vibration at all when it’s plugged in), it keeps beeping and flashing. It’s either a 500GB or 1TB model, we don’t know for sure. We would like to ask about CCTV Data recovery options available and the costs. The images are recorded onto our DVR system (containing the hard disk) and it’s from there that the CCTV data recovery is needed.

I want to get the CCTV and DVR image data stored in my laptop, but when I open the laptop it says it requires a power on password, which I have never set. I gave it for repair and the repair guys told me that the windows is broken and their only choice is to install windows again which can delete all the data stored in my laptop. How can I get all the data ?

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