How to cope with unmountable boot volume

The “Unmountable Boot Volume” error message is seen when there is a corruption to the computer’s filesystem. It’s an error message that’s only seen on Windows machines and concerns the FAT32 MS-DOS file and operating systems.

The laptop has failed, with the error unmountable boot volume, and gives a code on the HP diagnostic page, that refers back to Hp and gives error, harddrive failure, Can you do anything for me to retrieve all the data off it ?
In this condition, The laptop has a 2TB drive installed, and i can supply a 2TB drive to store retrieved info on to it.

unmountable boot volume

USB External HD in casing, unfortunately fell from a top shelf. Windows/Linux will not pick up HD via USB, HD light is constantly ON, no HD Spinning or read activity. Size 1.5GB, File format NTFS. I get an error very similar to “can’t mount volume [boot device]”

Possible bump caused the drive arm to lock out. This is what I was told in a local shop. Need to know how much it will cost to recover.

I have a LaCie external hard drive that I think has been knocked. It won’t power up (Power LED doesn’t light). I’d like to either have it fixed or have the data transferred to another HDD which I can provide. There is less than 500GB of data. I’ve been quoted GBP 350 as a recovery price which I think is too expensive so I’d like to get your estimate. I need the whole volume back, it’s my boot drive.

I have a Hitachi xl2000 2.0tb external hard drive that I hope you can recover. It was knocked to the floor by accident and started clicking when I powered it up so I immediately turned it off – the screen says UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. I took it to a local “specialist” who took it apart and said they cannot recover it. I needed to send it away to another “specialist” … I received it back in bits and am now so anxious all my photos are now gone. And they are old sentimental ones.

I have a mechanical problem. The disk spins in an unusual way. Power seems to be ok. My computer doesn’t mount the drive.

120GB 2.5″ external hard drive, is in casing, fell on floor last year, intact but won’t boot/mount as expected on my machines. MS-DOS/FAT as I recall.

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