Getting data from a RAID Buffalo Linkstation, WhatApp message and an unrepairable disk Buffalo RAID Linkstation Data Recovery

Buffalo Linkstation RAID Recovery

This blog examines data recovery services provided by Datlabs Data Recovery a UK company specialising in data recovery services.

Buffalo raid linkstation. No power. Won’t turn on. I tried plugging into 3 different Devices. I am a teacher and it has everything I have ever taught on there and will need to teach on Monday. Really in need of your help please!

My 10TB Buffalo Linkstation was put in a RAID configuration and now it says D: is unaccessable and the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable. When trying to use chkdsk, i get file system is ntfs unable to determine volume version and state. however device manager says its filetype RAW. data recovery software doesnt get any files. my data is very important.

Buffalo Linkstation RAID

Restore WhatsApp Media from Phone

  • Whatsapp on my iphone will not restore my media unless I free up 5GB of iphone storage. My Iphone storage is showing I have over 15GB available. I would like my media restored and do not wish to lose it.
  • Iphone X, Water damage repair and data recovery need to restore and rescue WhatsApp messages.
  • Iphone 7, Smashed screen and no battery, need to recover Whatsapp data from the phone.
  • I am looking for a quote for data recovery on my Ipad Air 2. Unfortunately, a software update seems to have left my ipad permanently rebooting – and thus unusable.
  • I would be most grateful for a quote to retrieve the photographs and Whats App messages on the ipad, if possible.

Mac OS can’t repair disk

Hard drive appears on Mac but comes up with an error code saying that OS cannot repair the disk.
The disk is very slow, but can be read, some items can be copied over and backed up but the majority of items come up saying ‘error code 63’.

Reading Data Recovery

My SanDisk USB has stopped working, i’ve tested it on various computers and run driver updates. it cannot be recognised.
Are you able to extract data from the USB? I am located in Reading and know of a good data recovery clinic in London on Lombard Street.

reading data recovery

Broken motherboard on iPhone
iPhone 6 with broken motherboard, desperately need sentimental photos recovered from it

it does not show up in the desktop even though the light in the drive blinks as if it was working. tried recovering the data from small repair shops but I was told to go to a tech lab

WD My Passport 2TB
My drive is broken and isn’t acknowledged by computer.
Can I have a rough estimate for recovery. I will provide a new hard drive for transfer of data. I have a hard drive failure in Reading.

I have broken the connector area to the hard drive, so it won’t turn on. Would you be able to help with this?

i have a seagate expansion+ hard drive that is clicking when i plug it in, the laptop will not recgonise the device either. i suspect that the read/write head is on the platter which is causing the issue i need the hard drive to be looked at ad repaired or if not i would need my documents back

WD My Book 750 GB has failed. Would like recovery to replacement HD. Do you have a drop in service in Caversham or Reading?
The hardier makes no sound at all
There is nothing moving.

  • Recovering my files from Seagate hard drive 500GB
  • Broken hard drive, been told that I will need specialist company to remove the data/.
  • Mypassport 1tb.had it checked at computer shop and I need to recover all of my personal data.
  • An external HDD that was used in a NAS drive has become inaccessible. I’m looking for quotes to attempt recovery of the data.
  • Seagate: clicking sound and flashing blue light.
  • Mac hard drive – with file vault no long reading properly. Does show up but stops responding.
  • Computer acknowledges hard drive plug in but lets no access to content on drive.
  • Diagnostic test done and showed up completely red no green.
  • Memory stick may be damaged and want to recover the files from it
  • The computer no longer recognises the hard disk drive.
  • Clicking sound when plugged in. Not aware of it being dropped but could have been angled in transit moving house.
  • Dropped harddrive, now making clicking sound

Stora NAS data recovery RAID

The following two RAID data recovery requests regard a Stora NAS and QNAP NAS, one running a RAID 1 mirror and the other a RAID 5. In all cases where data recovery is required make sure you do your own research and be sure to choose a good data recovery company. Note that in the second example, a forensic data recovery service is required – this is the recovery of data that is to be used for legal processes and as such the processes involved in forensic data recovery need to handled differently to those of conventional data recovery.

forensic data recovery

I have a 2TB WD Red disk that was in a Stora NAS that was set to RAID disk mirroring. The Stora failed and one of the disks is in a new Synology NAS but the other I have retained to recover the files. I believe the file system is XFS. I need the data recovering and I have tried with a disk caddy that I have used to read an ext3 disk before (failed Lacie NAS) but I’m struggling to read the XFS drive from Windows or get a virtual Linux image with XFS going (I only have perfunctory Unix skills). I’m wondering what the cost would be to recover the files on thr disk please? Not sure the size but not anywhere near the capacity of the disk, I believe more between 500Gb and 1Tb. I ould be happy for the files to be provided on the same disk as an NTFS or other Windows readable disk.if that’s possible rather than buying new media / disks. Please if you would let me know if you are able to recover the files and what the estimated cost is that would be great. BTW I’m Sheffield based.

I have a 4-disk QNAP NAS that’s no longer recognising the disks (4 x 2TB drives) configured as a RAID-5 array. How much would it cost for an evaluation to have the data recovered? I need this doing in a forensically sensitive way as the files on the hard drive are part of a legal court case. Is forensic data recovery something you can help with?

Setting up digital forensics hardware servers

Forensic server hardware must be capable of storing huge data amounts that it then process for the forensic analysts. Hard drives of multiple terabytes are common and therefore a forensic server ‘farm’ must be capable of processing massive multi terabyte volumes of data and also be able to process it all in memory. This is best achieved by using a SAN (Storage Area Network) that is expandable to match forensic case and analyst needs. It’s possible that this could use a cloud computing infrastructure, but of course this relies on decent (fibre) internet connection which huge upload and download speeds. Here’s a checklist of considerations when setting up digital forensic servers.

  • Service continuity – what’s the up / down time?
  • Employees – are they security cleared?
  • Logistics – how is a digital forensics investigation undertaken with this setup?
  • Security – how secure is this setup? Schedule some penetration testing?
  • Location – where the data is stored dictates what laws apply to it.
  • Compliance – with ISO17025, you will need to demonstrate and prove compliance to it.


Data Recovery Services London

Data Clinic London, located at 68 Lombard Street, London EC3V 9LJ are the city’s premier data recovery company. Here are some of the recent hard drive data recovery enquiries they’ve received. To get to Data Clinic London follow the map below:

Map above: Data Clinic Ltd, 68 Lombard Street, London EC3V 9LJ

Seagate External HDD – part of a striped raid set – started making clicking/beeping noise, files on it took longer and longer to load, until the drive entirely stopped being able to be accessed when plugged in. I’m looking to use a good data recovery service in London. I am almost certain it’s misaligned actuator/drive heads – it still lights up when plugged in, still makes noises as if moving, and nothing on it was corrupted when it was working, so it’s definitely a hardware issue. Any idea how much it would cost to either replace/realign the parts so the drive works again, or failing that, recover the data directly from the platter?

Toshiba 1TB external drive. The external hard drive stopped working maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I thought I lost it but then I just found it. Tried to plug the USB into my laptop and I am prompted to format the drive before I can use it. I do not want to format the drive – I would like to recover all the photos in there if possible. There might other documents but I am really mostly interested in the images.

At my work office in London I have a maxtor 3200 external hard drive which has stopped working, there is the occasional clicking coming from the drive and my PC is not recognising it. i need to recover photo’s music etc. can you help? Is this a data recovery service the clinic provide?

I have Toshiba HDD 750 GB which is not detecting. While connecting it via external casing, it give sound cracking noise.

The HDD that I believe has failed (or is about to) is a Western Digital Caviar Green – I originally got two of them in 2012, one failed about a year ago, and the other one is on its way out too, I should have taken that as a warning sign. I turned on my PC to find that windows were unable to read the drive and when I opened Disk Management the data format say’s it is “RAW” instead of “NTFS” which according to research indicates it’s on the verge of failure? I don’t want to format it back to NTFS as I don’t want to lose the data that’s on it.
I was wondering if this is something Data Clinic in London could recover the data and files from? I want the data recovering from my raid hard drives and writing to a server.
The drive is a mass archive that I’ve had for 3 years, and is, or was growing weekly, thus I don’t want to risk any damage being done by free software recovery tools. Since the discovery earlier, I have not tried to recover anything from the drive, and I have since unplugged the drive, hoping that this is something you may be able to see to?

Dropped External Hard-drive and the computer is not loading it anymore.
The hd makes a different noise when booting up.
Opened the hd case to check if the usb adapter was plugged in properly and the connector doesn’t seem damaged

I have 2 external hard drives, one being a maxtor and the other being a segate both having 1tb of data. The maxtor one is recognised by the computer as the computer makes a recognised noise when inserted but isnt shown in the “my computer” tab and makes scratching and beeping sounds with whirring sounds aswell. the segate one is recognised in my computer but when clicked on in it says “that the location is not available and is corrupted and unreadable.
I have university on mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays apart from that I am free, please reply when you are available.

Error saying boot device not found. Have spoken to HP, cannot reboot system without deleting data.

Unable to access external Seagate SATA harddrive. (USB 3.0 2tb Seagate Desktop Expansion Drive)
Drive in its case fell on the floor. Drive sounds as though it spins up. Drive letter displayed (eventually) in file explorer.
When selected, ring goes around for a long time and when eventually stopped the following error message is displayed (j:\ is not accessible The request could not be performed because of an I/O error).
Hard drive taken out of case and connected to computer using 3.0 USB external caddy. Same problem and error message.
Hard drive opened and read arm observed as being in the right place (parked). Closed and tried again with external caddy, still same error message (eventually).
Unable to access drive using Windows disk management tool(Windows + X)

Manchester Mortgage Brokers / Advisors

Manchester Mortgages logoI’d like to post something completely different for a change, and in this post look at mortgage advice and brokering in Manchester. Manchester Mortgages is a company that have worked closely with us over this last year and so I’m posting some links to their services across Greater Manchester. If any of you need a mortgage advisor then please follow the links below:


Ramsbottom, Tottington, Heywood

Didsbury and the surrounding areas of Withington, Heaton Moor, Fallowfield and Chorlton.







Including the surrounding areas of South Manchester – Gatley, Cheadle and Stockport.

CCTV Recover Data

Here are some data recovery enquiries from CCTV cameras and DVR equipment.
Connected to an MPEG4 DVR and looks as thought he hard drive is not being detected by the DVR anymore. It has not been formatted so there should be data on there but unable to be recovered on the DVR itself. The HDD has been tested on a USB connection via a caddy on a PC and the PC does not see the hard drive either. I need to recover the CCTV image files from this DVR system.

Our WD “My passport” has stopped working, from what we can tell it’s not spinning up anymore (no vibration at all when it’s plugged in), it keeps beeping and flashing. It’s either a 500GB or 1TB model, we don’t know for sure. We would like to ask about CCTV Data recovery options available and the costs. The images are recorded onto our DVR system (containing the hard disk) and it’s from there that the CCTV data recovery is needed.

I want to get the CCTV and DVR image data stored in my laptop, but when I open the laptop it says it requires a power on password, which I have never set. I gave it for repair and the repair guys told me that the windows is broken and their only choice is to install windows again which can delete all the data stored in my laptop. How can I get all the data ?

Recovering data from Sandisk hard drives

SanDisk Ultra II (240gb) bought late in 2015 has stopped working. Desktop hard drive indicator stays on and the machine will not boot. Have tried connecting externally, with a working USB bridge to another computer – the device is not detected. I will be returning the device under warranty to SanDisk. Please can you contact me with some data recovery options?

My iPhone (5s) have had overloaded memory and stopped working. I could see only Apple icon all the time. So, there was a system update. And now I have photos only from iCloud (about 300). My 7000 photos disappeared. I tried to recover it using recovery programs with no result. I also called local repair services. Phone has no value for me right now. I can let someone take it to pieces but I must have these images. I had the images saved to a sandisk hard drive and wonder if you can extract the file from that?

Its a Sandisk ultra hdd that I’ve made into a portable drive.
When you plug the external hard drive in it doesnt show up on my computer but showes up on the bit where you can disconnect the hard drive, Also shows up on the disk management but says it is unallocated. I did a disk defragmentation on my computer but didnt realise my external hard drive was plugged it, That was the last time my hard drive actually worked but not sure if thats the reason its not working. Also when you plug it in the light doesnt come on anymore but does make noise to show its registered on the computer and makes the external hard drives makes a noise like its running. i spoke to sandisk about it but they dont seem willing to do the data recovery work.

Samsung ST1000LM024 data recovery

In this post we look at several data recovery enquiries we received about Samsung ST1000LM024 hard drives where the users couldn’t access their files anymore.

Samsung ST1000LM024I believe the problem is due to overheating.
I have have two external hdds that have failed. one ticks once plugged in. The other when plugged into my mac states that it is drawing to much power and the usb port is then turned off.

External hard drive fell off PC tower. The device now just clicks and does not read.
Its a Samsung ST1000LM024
One of our IT chaps has taken a look at it but cant fix it or access my files.
It holds family photographs only which we want to recover.

My western Digital my passport hard drive was dropped on the floor. It contains basic files such as spreadsheets, word documents and active inspire PowerPoints. However simple, they are quite important. The light comes on and a whirring sound is made when plugged in to the computer however the computer can not find the hard drive.
If you could estimate a quote for the repair that would be appreciated. I am a teacher so contacting me by email would be preferable.
I have been to PC world and they have told me they cannot repair the hard drive

HDD is exhibiting a steady beep when plugged in. Does not show up in “my computer”. Can you tell me your availability and rates? There is not access to the drive or the files it contains.

A teacher in desperate need of recovering all my hard work over the last 3 years off my hard drive. It fell last night and reconnected fine. Now I started my laptop up I’ve switched USB ports and even laptops but no luck! Its a Samsung ST1000LM024 hard drive and I am in Tadcaster, but occasionally visit Northampton – I know there is a data recovery centre there.

Phone Recovery

phoneMy thanks to the people at the UK’s for the phone data recovery examples below.

Phone has died with no sign of life. Don’t care for the hardware part just need the data off the internal storage. android system is the operating system.

I want to see if I can recover some permanently deleted photos and videos from my iPhone 6s. It’s only files from the last month. The files are not on the cloud or currently on the handset.

Samsung s6 phone has fell in some water and no longer turns on.

My Nokia 7100 Supernova has been on charge for over 24 hours but is unresponsive. I would just like to be able to access all my text messages again.

I have an old Samsung Galaxy S3 that eventually bit the dust and wouldn’t boot up any more. Unfortunately I had all the photos stored on the internal memory and not backed up. I don’t need it fixed (I got a new phone anyway since this was long overdue) but I would like to recover the data off of it. Could you provide me with a quote/price estimate for recovering this data?

I have lost data from my s7 edge Samsung while copying over on 1st December 2107. Since then I tried using an online data recovery tool but no luck and then my factory phone was reset. Is it possible to recover data pre 1st Dec 2017 from my phone in particular my photos.

The screen of my xperia Z5 has recently been smashed and it does not respond to touch. The Android OS and softwares works fine but I just want to retrieve datas such as contacts, videos, photos and music from my device.