Watch Your IT Equipment – This Flooding Is No Laughing Matter

The existing bad weather and flooding we’re now seeing is having a remarkable impact on several regions of the United Kingdom. The Environment Agency has issued warnings to companies and individuals across southern England to be ready for more wet climate and flooding in the forthcoming days.

Regaining data from flooding and water harm is not an easy procedure. You may be thinking it’s only a case of permitting the gear to dry out extensively before re-starting it, but in the example of hard disk drives, this is one among the worst ideas imaginable. If water has permeated the HDD then this signifies the water has come connected with all the hdd’s steel surfaces. Now everyone understand that once metal comes into contact with the atmosphere and water it starts to corrode, therefore permitting a damp hard drive to dry out must be averted as this will cause the drive to start corroding, and once this happens there will be little chance of any successful data recovery attempt.

We’ve personally seen several hard drives lately where the harm is caused by flooding as well as water connected events come in to us for recovery. They reached work to save their gear just to find they were very late and a number of these hosts and computers were previously soaked or submerged.

The most important thing regarding a disk that’s been involved in flooding is to permit all extra water to drain from this – just rest it within an upright posture for 20 approximately minutes, then stick it in a sealed air-tight carton. This eliminates all extra water from your hard disc, prevents the hard drive drying out any more and stops any corrosion. It also stabilises the drive’s state and can enable us to recoup the data from this using a means of ours specifically made for handling data recovery problems from hdd which were involved in floods and similar occurrences.