New Developments In The Hard Drive Industry

:, is about seven 7x less dense than air. This produces less turbulence and resistance, this allows for enormous advancements to nearly every part of a hard disk drive’s operation. With a helium environment, you may spin the platters quicker, have more platters, have denser tracks on the platters, and consume less power.For now, it seems like Western Digital/HGST has opted to enhance the max number of platters (from five to seven) and reduce power consumption (23% lower idle power, 49% lower watts-per-terabyte). There’s no word on spindle speed, but it’s probably 7,200 RPM just like the standard, air filled Ultrastar drives. The Ultrastar He6, in case you were interested, is an enterprise-class hard drive — there’s no word on pricing, but the air-filled Ultrastar 7K4000 is $315 from Amazon, so the He6 won’t be affordable just yet. 6TBĀ Ultrastar He6 is on sale from today. There’s no word on pricing, and it isn’t apparent if this will be a thing that you can buy from most hard dive suppliers. With helium costs are on the rise (and US authorities only narrowly preventing the closure of the world’s only strategic reserve), we might anticipate the He6 and future helium- filled drives to be high-priced, niche products. If you’re seeking to assemble an awesome submerged water-cooling rig, you need masses of storage capacity, and money’s no problem, then today’s your lucky day.