Service Desk Call Summary – October 2017

Hi All,

it support personHere’s a summary of the data recovery enquiries we’ve had at the Service Desk this last month. If you have a similar problem please remember to raise the issue with your local ICT engineer first!

  • Hard disk is making clicking noise and wont be seen as a device in my PC. Need to recover files , pictures etc.
  • I’m looking for a quote to recover data from my external hard drive. I think it may have been dropped at one point as it’s making a strange noise and my laptop won’t read the device. I also wanted to know if it’s not recovered, will I still have to pay the full price?
  • It is a external WD My Passport Hard Drive. I think it could be 1 TB, but not sure.
  • It stopped being recognised by the computer.
  • When plugged in, it buzz and the light turns on, but windows doesnt recognise it
  • I own a Toshiba 1TB external hard drive which was recently dropped, causing the drive to develop a ‘click’ and rendering its data inaccessible. I phoned earlier today and explained the situation to Phil, who kindly provided me with a breakdown of the costs involved in recovering the data – I’ve given it some thought, and have decided I would like to use your service (I’m based in London).
  • I have a seagate 1tb external hard-drive and it is no longer working.
  • I have a Seagate Free Agent GoFlex 1.5TB HDD (PN: 9zFAD1-500 1.5 TB). It will not initialise on Mac OS (Sierra) or Windows (8.1) but is recognised when plugged in on both OSs.
  • Seagate ST2000LM003. The HDD stopped working after knocking the laptop onto the floor – therefore presuming it is a mechanical failure.
  • My external hard disk is not detecting on my PC. Until couple of weeks ago, I could see the blue light on it (indication light) on the hard disk. However, now there is no light as well as I can hear a ‘tick tick tick’ sound from it. All I want is to retrieve my word and pdf files.
  • I own a WD 2TB portable drive.The serial number of the drive: *WX91A47AS8HE* P/N: WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN. I tried various recovery options thinking it was corrupt but to no avail so, I have had to open it to check whether it was a software or a mechanical issue so this where it is at : The floater heads mechanism is not moving and the discs are not spinning. The discs appear to be in good condition. No visible scratches dust or particles. Would it possible to remove the disks and read them on another device or fix the floaters.

Until next month!

Big Problems For Data Recovery Companies

In the UK there are perhaps 5 data recovery companies. Now when I use the words “data recovery company” I am talking about a specialist company that can recover data from broken hard disks. A Google search for “data recovery company” in the UK will produce thousands of results, but 99.9% of the results returned will not be for data recovery companies, instead they will be PC shops that offer a data recovery service.

Heres the problem: the data recovery services provided by PC shops are far inferior to the data recovery services provided by these 5 or so proper data recovery companies, but YOU and I don’t know that. There’s a very high probability that a PC shop will be unable to repair a hard drive with a mechanical fault and therefore will be unable to recover the data from the hard drive, but a specialist data recovery company will be able to repair the drive and recover the data from it.

So the moral of this story is to understand that the data recovery services offered by most of the companies in a Google search will be useless as they are PC shops and not proper data recovery companies.

Data Clinic Ltd - A Specilaist UK Data Recovery CompanySo how do you find a proper data recovery company? Well, I recommend you start by visiting Data Clinic (, the UK’s premier data recovery company.

Data Recovery from Potable USB External Hard Disk Drives

There are many options available when choosing a hard drive data recovery service from an external USB portable hard drive. This type of hard disk drive is a very popular form of data storage – the USB nature of the external hard drive means it’s a great item and very portable. Many people will carry them around in their rucksacks or briefcases. External hard drives are portable and connect to the host computer via a USB cable interface. Hard drives like this are also very popular items for data recovery companies to work on as portable hard drives are easily damaged as they are external USB devices that can get bashed around from time to time.

Data recovery and hard drive recovery can be used on any type of external portable USB hard drive. Popular makes are Western Digital’s ( ultra slim MyPassport, MyBook and Elements series, while Seagate ( Expansion portable hard drives are available for backup and data storage purposes. Other popular manufacturers of external portable hard drives are Iomega, Lacie and Gtech (for Mac), Before data recovery on any of these hard drives can be successfully the first thing that often needs to be done is to repair the hard drive. Data recovery companies often discover that portable hard drives are often dropped, this frequently causes a mechanical fault on the hard drive, making it necessary for the hard drive recovery company to repair this fault before data recovery can be attempted.

A Western Digital portable hard disk driveExperts in portable hard drive recovery are England’s Data Clinic Ltd – Data Clinic are also data recovery partners of Seagate and Western Digital, so they are able to retrieve and restore the data from practically any type of broken hard drive regardless of whether it’s an external USB Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, Lacie, GTech or similar device. We use Data Clinic’s data recovery service at our local authority and they have rescued data from dead hard drives for us on several occasions.

Watch Your IT Equipment – This Flooding Is No Laughing Matter

The existing bad weather and flooding we’re now seeing is having a remarkable impact on several regions of the United Kingdom. The Environment Agency has issued warnings to companies and individuals across southern England to be ready for more wet climate and flooding in the forthcoming days.

Regaining data from flooding and water harm is not an easy procedure. You may be thinking it’s only a case of permitting the gear to dry out extensively before re-starting it, but in the example of hard disk drives, this is one among the worst ideas imaginable. If water has permeated the HDD then this signifies the water has come connected with all the hdd’s steel surfaces. Now everyone understand that once metal comes into contact with the atmosphere and water it starts to corrode, therefore permitting a damp hard drive to dry out must be averted as this will cause the drive to start corroding, and once this happens there will be little chance of any successful data recovery attempt.

We’ve personally seen several hard drives lately where the harm is caused by flooding as well as water connected events come in to us for recovery. They reached work to save their gear just to find they were very late and a number of these hosts and computers were previously soaked or submerged.

The most important thing regarding a disk that’s been involved in flooding is to permit all extra water to drain from this – just rest it within an upright posture for 20 approximately minutes, then stick it in a sealed air-tight carton. This eliminates all extra water from your hard disc, prevents the hard drive drying out any more and stops any corrosion. It also stabilises the drive’s state and can enable us to recoup the data from this using a means of ours specifically made for handling data recovery problems from hdd which were involved in floods and similar occurrences.