Service Desk Call Summary – October 2017

Hi All,

it support personHere’s a summary of the data recovery enquiries we’ve had at the Service Desk this last month. If you have a similar problem please remember to raise the issue with your local ICT engineer first!

  • Hard disk is making clicking noise and wont be seen as a device in my PC. Need to recover files , pictures etc.
  • I’m looking for a quote to recover data from my external hard drive. I think it may have been dropped at one point as it’s making a strange noise and my laptop won’t read the device. I also wanted to know if it’s not recovered, will I still have to pay the full price?
  • It is a external WD My Passport Hard Drive. I think it could be 1 TB, but not sure.
  • It stopped being recognised by the computer.
  • When plugged in, it buzz and the light turns on, but windows doesnt recognise it
  • I own a Toshiba 1TB external hard drive which was recently dropped, causing the drive to develop a ‘click’ and rendering its data inaccessible. I phoned earlier today and explained the situation to Phil, who kindly provided me with a breakdown of the costs involved in recovering the data – I’ve given it some thought, and have decided I would like to use your service (I’m based in London).
  • I have a seagate 1tb external hard-drive and it is no longer working.
  • I have a Seagate Free Agent GoFlex 1.5TB HDD (PN: 9zFAD1-500 1.5 TB). It will not initialise on Mac OS (Sierra) or Windows (8.1) but is recognised when plugged in on both OSs.
  • Seagate ST2000LM003. The HDD stopped working after knocking the laptop onto the floor – therefore presuming it is a mechanical failure.
  • My external hard disk is not detecting on my PC. Until couple of weeks ago, I could see the blue light on it (indication light) on the hard disk. However, now there is no light as well as I can hear a ‘tick tick tick’ sound from it. All I want is to retrieve my word and pdf files.
  • I own a WD 2TB portable drive.The serial number of the drive: *WX91A47AS8HE* P/N: WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN. I tried various recovery options thinking it was corrupt but to no avail so, I have had to open it to check whether it was a software or a mechanical issue so this where it is at : The floater heads mechanism is not moving and the discs are not spinning. The discs appear to be in good condition. No visible scratches dust or particles. Would it possible to remove the disks and read them on another device or fix the floaters.

Until next month!

Mobile phone damaged – need data

Here are some of the recent phone problems that have come into us on the computer support desk. Can I refer everyone to one of my previous posts about recovering files from mobile phones.

I’ve just found this website on google after searching for data recovery companies and am very much hoping you can help.
I had my Huawei phone charging in my laptop. I heard it play a start up tune which I had never heard it play before. I looked at the screen which read ‘Internal storage damaged‘. I tried taking the battery/sim/sd card out but to no avail.
Two options are given on the device when I turn it on now: to restart the phone (made no difference) and factory reset (I am reluctant to do so as I do not want to lose any data which I may potentially be able to get back).
Is this something you can help with? My main concern is getting the data back (sms/whatspp/notes/saved web bookmarks/contacts/pictures etc) but getting the phone working again would also be a bonus.

manchester phone user

I have an iPhone 5s which has been thrown on the floor and the screen has disconnected from the base. i have tried plugging it into my macbook to recover the data but the device is not being recognised. the main thing i want to recover from the phone i the pictures. would this be possible?

Have sent Samsung S6 edge to a data recovery company. They have said – “Diagnosis results have shown that in order to attempt the data recovery the media needs LAB time to crate a direct dump of the memory whether via a direct wired connection to service contacts of the memory or removal of the memory itself to allow a direct dump of the contents which will then require investigation to decipher any data modification algorithms and assembly parameters before we can make attempts to extract the data. This is a highly skilled process but unfortunately isn’t infallible and the chance of successful recovery once the process has been completed is approx 70%. The cost of this is £225 plus vat. Non refundable if unsuccessful.”

I dropped my phone into water, it is not turning on and I would like to retrieve my photos is possible!

ICT Recovery Services – A Reminder

Back in March 2016 in a post titled ICT Recovery problems (see here) I talked about how we were having a lot of different hard drive repair and data recovery requests. It’s worth my reiterating that it’s really not a good idea to have a hard drive repaired. We refuse to do it because it causes more problems than it’s worth. Once a hard drive start to go wrong it must be replaced immediately by a member of my team. Please don’t ask a friend outside of work to do it for you as it causes us a lot of difficult and creates a lot of questions relating to data security. Here are two cases that eventually came to us after having been elsewhere.

  • I recently took my macbook pro to repair after a hard drive fail. They replaced the hard drive with a new one but weren’t able to recover the data. I was wondering if there’s a possibility for all the things I had on my old hard drive to be recovered, and eventually to know how much it would cost me (they’re giving my old hard drive back to me).
  • I’ve got a barracude 3TB ST3000DM001 1CH166- 306, Date 14214 100717520 RevB. The drive started posting smart errors in the bios three weeks ago, i did a check disk and it took 3 hours to complete (with no errors) Unfortunately i replaced and backed up another drive by accident. So this barracuda failed and disappeared from the bios, It doesn’t make any sound at all and it’s not being recognised from the bios or windows . I also tried it with my usb to sata dongle in three machines but no luck at all. I was wandering what will be the price range for recovering or fixing this drive.

Remember, if you have any data loss issue to contact us first.

January Enquiries – 2017 Style

Greetings everybody – I hope we’re all back in to the swing of things now after Xmas? Have a look at this post – it contains the most popular customer enquiries in our help desk in Jan. These are actual enquiries, with useful links where appropriate.

Note: On Weds 22nd Feb the ICT support unit is closed ALL DAY. See you local group leader if you run into problems. We are back open on the 23rd.

External hard drive was dropped and now will not power up its making a clicking noise seems to power up but not recognisable by laptop.

Can you restore data from an iPhone after a restore.
The data I am after recovering is Calander data , notes and possibly pictures.
If I could be emailed that be best best as if trying to keep the phone off.

I have a WD My passport Ultra which is no longer being recognized by the computer. I’ve tried different computers and different cords but it just isn’t registering. The light and fan do still turn on but I’m just unable to see my data:(
We live in Greenwich so is there an office we could stop by at to try to see if we can get it fixed ASAP? Do you have a rough price of what it would cost?
Thanks in advance for your help.

My computer started showing a flashing folder with a question mark. Went through all of the apple support instructions through internet recovery but it’s not able to find the startup disk so I can’t fix it with disk utility.

i have a 4TB Western Digital External hard drive that has stopped working for a
while i was wondering if you guys can take all the data on and move it over to
a 2 tb drive (dont worry last i check all the files weighed roughly around 1tb)
btw i live in cornwall and was wondering you address so if you can i can drop off both drives. for the issue i heard it grinding on something

Clicking, revving up are the main noises. Sometimes it could access certain files, sometimes it hung when trying to access the same files. The drive is relevantly new. It spins up , clicks a few times then seems to reduce speed or spin down/stop.

Dropped the WD 500GB external hard drive. It still powers up and can be heard to spin. Would like a cost for recovery.
I live near Coventry and could drop the hard drive off for assessment if required.

My Mac Air and any other device i plug my WD Passport in to – will not recognise it. I have the last 10 years of my photos and memories on there. Please could you help me.

Samsung Pro Evo 840 500gb SSD drive (same as the one you tested) has failed. Please can you give me approximate costs to recover, home user.

More hard drive woes

Hi Everyone – can I ask you all to make sure you know who your local computer support person is please – some of the enquiries below really shouldn’t be coming in to the main IT desk.

I’ve had a Western Digital (My Password Ultra) fail to load/show up on my mac (even under ways I’ve tried in the past). The light switches on, and I can hear it running, but nothing is showing up. It did experience a slight drop (very small) and it was days later that I attempted to plug in it etc.

I have a Seagate 500GB Momentus 7200.4 external hard drive, have owned it for about 5 years, just recently when I connect to the computer the computer doesn’t read it and the green light on the hard drives flashes on and off while also beeping intermittently. Just wondering timeframes and price to fix the external hard drive?

I have a western digital 3TB hard drive that is no longer being recognised by my computer. The PCB board on it gets burning hot so I believe it is a problem with than. Do you provide a service where you repair/replace the PCB board or do you only do data recovery. the hard drive is part of a pair that I have linked with ‘Storage spaces’ on windows 10.

dynamode hddExternal hard drive that has crashed due to mechanical fault according to shop I first bought it from. It’s 1Tb but can’t remember how much data was on it probably about 250Gb? Casing says Dynamode but I seem to recall when I had a problem with the drive before that the casing was changed, on that occasion it was the USB lead at fault not the drive. Not all the data is important but some is of sentimental value etc

I have a WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard drive. It stopped working the other week, and a very gentle drop onto the carpet. I have tried to reconnect the hard drive to my MacBook, and another PC. The light on the drive turns on, but usually doesn’t get recognised by the computer. After leaving it connected for a while, I have been able to see a read-only version of the hard drive, however when I attempted to copy files to my MacBook, it could not be done. Some message like ‘part of the file could not be read’. I can see the folders and files, and just need to recover one folder, with around 90GB of data in. Does this seem like the data should be able to be recovered? How much would this sort of thing cost?