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Data Clinic London, located at 68 Lombard Street, London EC3V 9LJ are the city’s premier data recovery company. Here are some of the recent hard drive data recovery enquiries they’ve received. To get to Data Clinic London follow the map below:

Map above: Data Clinic Ltd, 68 Lombard Street, London EC3V 9LJ

Seagate External HDD – part of a striped raid set – started making clicking/beeping noise, files on it took longer and longer to load, until the drive entirely stopped being able to be accessed when plugged in. I’m looking to use a good data recovery service in London. I am almost certain it’s misaligned actuator/drive heads – it still lights up when plugged in, still makes noises as if moving, and nothing on it was corrupted when it was working, so it’s definitely a hardware issue. Any idea how much it would cost to either replace/realign the parts so the drive works again, or failing that, recover the data directly from the platter?

Toshiba 1TB external drive. The external hard drive stopped working maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I thought I lost it but then I just found it. Tried to plug the USB into my laptop and I am prompted to format the drive before I can use it. I do not want to format the drive – I would like to recover all the photos in there if possible. There might other documents but I am really mostly interested in the images.

At my work office in London I have a maxtor 3200 external hard drive which has stopped working, there is the occasional clicking coming from the drive and my PC is not recognising it. i need to recover photo’s music etc. can you help? Is this a data recovery service the clinic provide?

I have Toshiba HDD 750 GB which is not detecting. While connecting it via external casing, it give sound cracking noise.

The HDD that I believe has failed (or is about to) is a Western Digital Caviar Green – I originally got two of them in 2012, one failed about a year ago, and the other one is on its way out too, I should have taken that as a warning sign. I turned on my PC to find that windows were unable to read the drive and when I opened Disk Management the data format say’s it is “RAW” instead of “NTFS” which according to research indicates it’s on the verge of failure? I don’t want to format it back to NTFS as I don’t want to lose the data that’s on it.
I was wondering if this is something Data Clinic in London could recover the data and files from? I want the data recovering from my raid hard drives and writing to a server.
The drive is a mass archive that I’ve had for 3 years, and is, or was growing weekly, thus I don’t want to risk any damage being done by free software recovery tools. Since the discovery earlier, I have not tried to recover anything from the drive, and I have since unplugged the drive, hoping that this is something you may be able to see to?

Dropped External Hard-drive and the computer is not loading it anymore.
The hd makes a different noise when booting up.
Opened the hd case to check if the usb adapter was plugged in properly and the connector doesn’t seem damaged

I have 2 external hard drives, one being a maxtor and the other being a segate both having 1tb of data. The maxtor one is recognised by the computer as the computer makes a recognised noise when inserted but isnt shown in the “my computer” tab and makes scratching and beeping sounds with whirring sounds aswell. the segate one is recognised in my computer but when clicked on in it says “that the location is not available and is corrupted and unreadable.
I have university on mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays apart from that I am free, please reply when you are available.

Error saying boot device not found. Have spoken to HP, cannot reboot system without deleting data.

Unable to access external Seagate SATA harddrive. (USB 3.0 2tb Seagate Desktop Expansion Drive)
Drive in its case fell on the floor. Drive sounds as though it spins up. Drive letter displayed (eventually) in file explorer.
When selected, ring goes around for a long time and when eventually stopped the following error message is displayed (j:\ is not accessible The request could not be performed because of an I/O error).
Hard drive taken out of case and connected to computer using 3.0 USB external caddy. Same problem and error message.
Hard drive opened and read arm observed as being in the right place (parked). Closed and tried again with external caddy, still same error message (eventually).
Unable to access drive using Windows disk management tool(Windows + X)

QNAP and Synology data recovery

I have one 3 tb hard drive in a Synology Diskstation mounted as a Synology Hybrid RAID that has failed, so I cannot retrieve any data on it via the Diskstation. (The other hard drive had failed some weeks ago so I had sent it back for a replacement). Could it be revived, and what would the rough cost be?

Drive has stopped powering up, I need to copy the files over to a new one – I’m in Chiswick.

Chiswick, London

QNAP HS210 in RAID 1, disk 2 failed (very noisy), purchased a new disk and replaced but it didn’t rebuild the array. Upon booting up with just disk 1 it fails to recover the array. QNAP support have stated there’s a hardware failure with disk 1 after running dmesg from ssh with only disk 1 inserted: JBD: Failed to read block at offset 3176

The data from the QNAP and Synology systems is backed up on a Porsche Design Lacie 2tb drive. Dropped on floor and no longer reads. Formatted for Mac. Device sometimes shows up on connected devices and sometimes reads files, but extremely slowly. Have tried data recovery software but does not work.

I have a hard drive that is no longer able to boot or when viewed as a secondary drive on another PC you are unable to initialize disk with the error message “Error initialize disk: the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error.” This was the Primary hard drive for the PC and held the OS, before it stopped booting the PC had become unusably slow but sounded normal, now I do not believe the disk is spinning. My worry is that taking it out of the PC was what killed it.

We are an architectural practice based in Chiswick and we would like to convert data from DDS-3 and DDS-4 discs into usb digital format. They would be a total mix of 12 tapes (still to confirm). Data can go back onto with RAID NAS device hard drive.

Dropped 2tb Toshiba hard drive looking for rough price to recover data and repair please

Help with hard drives

WD Green not recognised
I have 2TB Western Digital (WD) Green which has most likely head fault – the head read/write head does not stay on the data platter. Would you be able to advise how much would it cost to retrieve data or fix the current drive?
This has started happening since my “My WD Passport” external drive has been dropped. it no longer being recognised by the pc.

I’m wondering how you know that the read/write head doesn’t stay on the platter? Have you opened the drive? If so, this is not advisable as for one, it will contaminate a clear air environment and let dust and other small materials into the disk. In cases where the hard drive has been opened we charge a £95 diagnostic payment. The recovery costs to get your data back can vary between £400 and £800.

hard drive help

Dropped laptop need data off
I have a laptop hard disk, that failed a few years back that I could do with recovering the data from. I think the disk failed due to the laptop being dropped, so most likely mechanical failure. I recall it did manage to boot once or twice after the knock so perhaps head hit/damaged disk ? I can drop the disk off as I work in London.
What would I be looking at in terms of cost?
As you might guess I don’t need an urgent response/quick turnaround on this.

Seeing as you’re in London, you may as well call in at a specialist in data recovery like Data Recovery Tips (see: They are to be found on Lombard Street, London which is very close to the Bank tube station. I suggest you go straight to a data recovery expert as there’s very little point in bringing you laptop into us at the ICT. Mechanically damaged hard drives have to be sent away – we don’t have the capabilities to retrieve the data in house.

iPod and iPhone
I accidentally dropped and broke my husbands iPod and would like to recover all the music on it for him.
How much do you charge for this type of service please?

I dropped my iphone 6 in sea water and it wont turn on. The photos are not all backed up. I would like to repair the iphone and really would like to see if my photos are recoverable.

It’s the same answer as above for these two devices also: we don’t have the in-house capabilities to rescue the information – so if you’re in London, pop round to Data Recovery Tips and see if they can help you.

August Postings

Here’s a roundup of what’s come in at the Helpdesk in August so far.

What would be the cost of recovering data from a 120GB imoga external hard drive (photos music etc).
I work in city so would be using Lombard street branch, lost all multimedia images videos etc. WD drive . getting click sound

example mailserverI’m writing this to inquire about email verification.
I need a report regarding the sender, receiver and possibly the date of the email.
The email is on the Webmail server ( I have access to it and can forward it .
I would be glad to give you more information.

My hard drive ,is clicking, ive got all my payroll info on there. need it asap.
I’m not able to speak today as im in interviews all day but i will be able to respond to emails.
How much does the recovery cost ?

I contact you because 2 of my external hard drives need data recovery/saving.
I really need to access the files as I need to find a new job and I need my data for it.
It’s a rugged Lacie maybe 5 years old with 3 ports (usb, Firewire 200 and 400) When I plug it, it appears on the computer desktop, (I can open folders and see the files) and then it suddenly disconnect by itself after 30 sec/1min. I can’t back up this hard drive at all. Do you think there’s a way to keep it connected?
It is a WD 1to that needs to be plugged on the electric system. So When I switch it on, I can hear it working and a little light appears, but if I plug it to the computer it doesn’t come up, no signals nothing.
My questions are: What do you think it could be? How much would it cost to get the data or repair the HDs? Is there anything that you could advise me to do please?

My toshiba 500gb external drive no longer responds to the usb plug. For a while I had to press the plug in at an angle to get the drive to power up, and hold it there, but now it doesn’t respond at all.

My external hard drive is called WD – My Passport. Its 3no. T in size. It cannot be opened or recognised / seen on my computer when I plug it in and I have tried in on 2no. different PC’s.
It also makes a terrible clicking noise when plugged in.
It has not been dropped nor had water thrown on it. It is however, around 5no. years old.
Can you provide me with a quote to fix and further information?