Seagate data recovery

This month we’ve had several Seagate hard drives in for file recovery operations – here are the details:

Seagate hard drive logoKeith, Luton
I have an old IDE hard drive from a friend who wants to get the data off (photographs in the main). The pins on the IDE connector are damaged so I’m looking for a donor drive to make the swap and get the data.
It’s a Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 300GB;
Model: ST3300831A
P/N: 9Y7284-029
Firmware: 4.40
Date Code: 06145 Site Code: AMK

Alison, Dunstable
I have a Seagate hard drive which stopped spinning up and is no longer recognised by the BIOS/Windows as a connected drive. After googling the problem, I suspect the PCB has died. I have ordered a replacement PCB for the drive, but it requires the ROM chip to be moved from the original board to the new board and I am probably not skilled enough for this work.
I was wondering if you would be able to undertake this work and how much it would cost. Also, in the scenario where this doesn’t work, I would like to know how much a full repair would be.
The hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD, Model: ST2000DM001

Roger, Eastbourne
I have a Seagate expansion drive which won’t power up.
It spins and then makes a couple of clicks and then dies.
I’ve tried mounting it via a computer internally with the same results.
It has been accidentally dropped, therefore I suspect that the problem is hardware related…
I would like an idea of how much you would change to recover all recoverable files and transfer them to another hard drive which I am happy to provide?

If you have a hard drive problem and just need another hard drive simply contact your local LEA ICT centre, if you need the files from the drive then come to me as we’ll need to create a data recovery ticket for you.

Data Recovery Enquiries from Students

Here are some of the latest enquiries from students that my LEA looks after. Links to appropriate site provided where necessary !!

I’m a 2nd year History student at the University of Birmingham. My USB hard disk, containing the entirety of my information from my course this year, has just physically broken in my bag- and my laptop is no longer reading it’s presence when I plug it in. I cannot state how important the information on the drive is- hundreds of hours of work is on that drive, work which I desperately need. Any help you can give me/ if you could fix it would be greatly appreciated.

DataMy external HDD which is a Western Digital product (My Passport for MAC) is faulty and it contains a lot of data that is of personal value to me. I asked PC World to recover the data and they sent it to their laboratory for the recovery service. They advised me that there was a problem with the drive head and they were trying to find a replacement which would allow recovery of the data. I have now received the unit back without repair as they could not find a drive head.
I would like to arrange for the repair or recovery of the data and would like a quote on your:
1. Costs for either repair of HDD or recovery of data
2. Timeframe for completion (hopefully a very swift timeframe)
3. Percentage chance of success
The symptoms I am experiencing are that the HDD will begin to spin when inserted in the USB port on my MACbook Pro and the LED will flash indicating it is working. However I then hear a click and the LED goes to a constant ‘ON’ state and the spin dies down.

My WD hard drive for Mac dropped and it is no longer detectable on my Mac. I would really like to get it fixed please help me out.

My harddrive corrupted because of OS. Since there is Checkpoint encryption, it is not reading C drive. All my data is in C drive and hence I need help to recover all my data.

Portable Samsung M3 drive (2TB) is no longer being recognised by my computer. On connection I can hear the hard drive spinning, then then light flashes 3 times and turns off.
Just wanted a ballpark quote for this kind of data recovery?

My WD external hard drive dropped off the table and now it powers on, but the computer doesn’t recognise that it’s plugged in. It has vital photos and videos on it.

Any further enquiries please contact me on the LEA internal intranet (it’s quicker) !