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WD Green not recognised
I have 2TB Western Digital (WD) Green which has most likely head fault – the head read/write head does not stay on the data platter. Would you be able to advise how much would it cost to retrieve data or fix the current drive?
This has started happening since my “My WD Passport” external drive has been dropped. it no longer being recognised by the pc.

I’m wondering how you know that the read/write head doesn’t stay on the platter? Have you opened the drive? If so, this is not advisable as for one, it will contaminate a clear air environment and let dust and other small materials into the disk. In cases where the hard drive has been opened we charge a £95 diagnostic payment. The recovery costs to get your data back can vary between £400 and £800.

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Dropped laptop need data off
I have a laptop hard disk, that failed a few years back that I could do with recovering the data from. I think the disk failed due to the laptop being dropped, so most likely mechanical failure. I recall it did manage to boot once or twice after the knock so perhaps head hit/damaged disk ? I can drop the disk off as I work in London.
What would I be looking at in terms of cost?
As you might guess I don’t need an urgent response/quick turnaround on this.

Seeing as you’re in London, you may as well call in at a specialist in data recovery like Data Recovery Tips (see: They are to be found on Lombard Street, London which is very close to the Bank tube station. I suggest you go straight to a data recovery expert as there’s very little point in bringing you laptop into us at the ICT. Mechanically damaged hard drives have to be sent away – we don’t have the capabilities to retrieve the data in house.

iPod and iPhone
I accidentally dropped and broke my husbands iPod and would like to recover all the music on it for him.
How much do you charge for this type of service please?

I dropped my iphone 6 in sea water and it wont turn on. The photos are not all backed up. I would like to repair the iphone and really would like to see if my photos are recoverable.

It’s the same answer as above for these two devices also: we don’t have the in-house capabilities to rescue the information – so if you’re in London, pop round to Data Recovery Tips and see if they can help you.