RAID and NAS Data Recovery

Once again we’ve had some more problems with people losing data from RAID arrays and NAS servers that have crashed before they could take a backup of their data. I’d like to reiterate that in ALL cases of RAID and NAS failure, people should report the problems to our RAID and NAS specialists Data Clinic on their RAID page here

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I currently run my own small hosting company and we have a requirement for data recovery. We had one of our raid arrays crashed x4 disks and I need to recover the data,
we know what number disk failed and what are good, they are running Raid 5 BTRFS the side of the disk is 4TB and have a number of xenserver disks on them, we only need one disk on the lun with the client data as we have other backups from Saturday. The size of the virtual disk we need is 509.9 GB


Qnap ts 121 single bay 2tb used for my ripped music and pictures it is say hard drive not found and my qnap cloud has been shut down . Could you give me price please for a recovery and a replacement hard drive.

Synology NAS RAID

The volume crashed on my Synology NAS when one of the three 4TB Seagate drives failed .
It’s set up as a Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR).
The technician at Synology indicated that there were some ATA errors around the time of the volume crash and that the RAID information looks absolutely fine, but there appears to be file system errors which prevent it from mounting correctly.”

Linkstation in EM Mode

My Linkstation live LSXL812 is in EM mode and I can’t access shared files. We have a SONOS sound system throughout the house and need the link station for music. My laptop is giving me the message that I do not have permission to access the music files on my laptop. I have tried to download the update, but the linkstation has disappeared from the network and I cannot find an IP address to work with (and probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if I found it!).

Note: If anyone needs authorisation about sending their RAID or NAS equipment offsite, please contact us at Technical Support.

How to cope with unmountable boot volume

The “Unmountable Boot Volume” error message is seen when there is a corruption to the computer’s filesystem. It’s an error message that’s only seen on Windows machines and concerns the FAT32 MS-DOS file and operating systems.

The laptop has failed, with the error unmountable boot volume, and gives a code on the HP diagnostic page, that refers back to Hp and gives error, harddrive failure, Can you do anything for me to retrieve all the data off it ?
In this condition, The laptop has a 2TB drive installed, and i can supply a 2TB drive to store retrieved info on to it.

unmountable boot volume

USB External HD in casing, unfortunately fell from a top shelf. Windows/Linux will not pick up HD via USB, HD light is constantly ON, no HD Spinning or read activity. Size 1.5GB, File format NTFS. I get an error very similar to “can’t mount volume [boot device]”

Possible bump caused the drive arm to lock out. This is what I was told in a local shop. Need to know how much it will cost to recover.

I have a LaCie external hard drive that I think has been knocked. It won’t power up (Power LED doesn’t light). I’d like to either have it fixed or have the data transferred to another HDD which I can provide. There is less than 500GB of data. I’ve been quoted GBP 350 as a recovery price which I think is too expensive so I’d like to get your estimate. I need the whole volume back, it’s my boot drive.

I have a Hitachi xl2000 2.0tb external hard drive that I hope you can recover. It was knocked to the floor by accident and started clicking when I powered it up so I immediately turned it off – the screen says UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. I took it to a local “specialist” who took it apart and said they cannot recover it. I needed to send it away to another “specialist” … I received it back in bits and am now so anxious all my photos are now gone. And they are old sentimental ones.

I have a mechanical problem. The disk spins in an unusual way. Power seems to be ok. My computer doesn’t mount the drive.

120GB 2.5″ external hard drive, is in casing, fell on floor last year, intact but won’t boot/mount as expected on my machines. MS-DOS/FAT as I recall.

Help with phone problems

In this post I reprint some phone enquiries that have been submitted to the help desk in August.

I have a Smartphone LG G4 International (H-815) Android version 6.0.
On 29 July I was deleting stuff using the Smart Cleaning software incorporated in my device with the intention of freeing space in the internal storage. I deleted by mistake (ignorance?) cache files and DCIM files (which I understand are the support of photos and videos) so a good bunch of pictures and videos went missing after my stupid action! When I tried to find them in Gallery they were not there any more.
It is also posible that some files were also deleted 10 days before then when I unloaded the content of the phone (again pics and videos) on my laptop having chosen the option ‘delete after transferring. But because the ‘C’ drive of my laptop was nearly full, some files could not get transferred – I wonder if some were lost also in this proccess.
HTC 10Happened what it may have happened on these two occasions, I wonder if you could help me to retrieve my lost files. I am only after videos and pictures really.
Additionally I want my contacts back. These are perhaps the most important as many of my business mortgage contacts are on the phone.
Your help would be appreciated.
I live near York, close to Leeds in Yorkshire. Some time soon is quite convenient for me. I can leave my phone with you next week.
NOTE: I have tried to avoid taking more pictures and videos since then to prevent over-writting empty picture/video files. [Ed note: Contact ICT LEEDS for advice with this one]

My phone is a HTC 10 which has had rain ingress Sat 12th Aug. It at first set everything going all at once. Flash light came on, and various other items like bluetooth,gps,etc all switched on and the phone had the booting up spinning logo showing in the background of the screen as a ghost image. The phone then switched off or died. I sttod it up in a warm place for the rest of Sat/Sun. This morning Calling my phone provider EE they suggested trying the power on and volume button down to reboot (I thought it should be volume up ?) Nothing happened. Can you retrieve my contacts and data. ?. And what data protection do you provide.

I have accidentally deleted the photos from my camera folder on my Samsung galaxy s3 and just wondered if you get get them back for me.

Data Recovery Enquiries from Students

Here are some of the latest enquiries from students that my LEA looks after. Links to appropriate site provided where necessary !!

I’m a 2nd year History student at the University of Birmingham. My USB hard disk, containing the entirety of my information from my course this year, has just physically broken in my bag- and my laptop is no longer reading it’s presence when I plug it in. I cannot state how important the information on the drive is- hundreds of hours of work is on that drive, work which I desperately need. Any help you can give me/ if you could fix it would be greatly appreciated.

DataMy external HDD which is a Western Digital product (My Passport for MAC) is faulty and it contains a lot of data that is of personal value to me. I asked PC World to recover the data and they sent it to their laboratory for the recovery service. They advised me that there was a problem with the drive head and they were trying to find a replacement which would allow recovery of the data. I have now received the unit back without repair as they could not find a drive head.
I would like to arrange for the repair or recovery of the data and would like a quote on your:
1. Costs for either repair of HDD or recovery of data
2. Timeframe for completion (hopefully a very swift timeframe)
3. Percentage chance of success
The symptoms I am experiencing are that the HDD will begin to spin when inserted in the USB port on my MACbook Pro and the LED will flash indicating it is working. However I then hear a click and the LED goes to a constant β€˜ON’ state and the spin dies down.

My WD hard drive for Mac dropped and it is no longer detectable on my Mac. I would really like to get it fixed please help me out.

My harddrive corrupted because of OS. Since there is Checkpoint encryption, it is not reading C drive. All my data is in C drive and hence I need help to recover all my data.

Portable Samsung M3 drive (2TB) is no longer being recognised by my computer. On connection I can hear the hard drive spinning, then then light flashes 3 times and turns off.
Just wanted a ballpark quote for this kind of data recovery?

My WD external hard drive dropped off the table and now it powers on, but the computer doesn’t recognise that it’s plugged in. It has vital photos and videos on it.

Any further enquiries please contact me on the LEA internal intranet (it’s quicker) !