January’s Mixed Bag

Hi All,

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks since the Christmas and New Break, so rather that concentrate singularly on hard drive, phone or “how do I get my data back?” problems, in this post I have included 3 enquiries to the service desk. Now, as we are all governed by different internal IT departments, my advice is that you search through some of the other posts on this blog to find a data recovery provider of choice. Once you’ve located one, if you’d like my personal opinion of them, please contact me privately.

Help retrieving files from Samsung S3 Neo
I was wondering if you would be able to retrieve some files from my relatives samsung s3 neo. The screen is broken but the phone boots up. I have plugged it into my pc to retrieve the files but usb debugging hasnt been enabled so I am unable to access the files without the screen being on. Is this something you could do?

Computer recognises something, but not hard drive
Booted my computer one day and one of my smaller HDDs (1TB) was just no longer visible/accessible; partitions gone, etc..
Windows could recognise that *something* was plugged in but that’s the long and short of it.
There was no work up to it, no weird noises, no drop in disk health (as far as my PC tells me), it just stopped.
I’ve switched cables out incase a cable was damaged, I switched where they were plugged into incase it was a problem with a connection, and so on.
That’s the best I can provide at the moment.
So at this point, unless anything else can be done, I’d just prefer to pull everything off it and throw in for a new HDD.
It’s not got the OS or anything crucial like that on it, it’s just a lot of everything (programs, photos, music, files, etc.) which trying to reaccumulate is more effort than it’s worth.

Dell G620 died – looking to recover photos
Computer – six years old Dell G620 has “died” and would like to try and recover picasa photos , particularly of my late wife. Other documents if possible, but not essential. Am near 80th birthday in six weeks. Can you help and at what cost? E Mail with suggestions would be helpful.

Boot Device Not Found

HP Pavilion computer

This post is about the ‘Boot Device Not Found‘ error message on HP Pavilion computers. NB: This error message is to do with the computer’s hard drive and I advise you to contact your local support team if you have this problem.

I dropped my hp pavilion laptop (windows 8) and when I turned it on it was bleeping at me and then stopped after about half a minute. The screen is black with a message that says:
Boot Device Not Found
Please install an operating system on your hard disk.
Hard disk (3F0)
F2 system diagnostics
I have pressed F2 and ran a hard drive check and it says:
Is this something you would be able to repair as I have photos of my son on there that aren’t backed up.

Boot device not found error message

I have a Western Digital 2TB My Passport External Hard Drive with aprox. 1.2TB of data on. When connected to my HP Pavilion PC it makes a clicking sound for a few seconds and isn’t recognised by my laptop anymore, so I’m sure it’s a mechanical fault. I get a message like “boot device not found” or similar. I can supply a 2nd hd to place any recovered files onto.

External hard drive taking ages to open and then data does not appear in the files. Most of data is camcorder footage.
How long does it take to retrieve the data?

My HP laptop recently stopped working. I took it to a local computer shop, who advised that there was a mechanical fault on the hard drive. I am interested in recovering the data held on the hard drive. Are you able to assist?

I was wondering if you would be able to help my mum has deleted her photos and videos by accident from her Pavilion laptop would you’s be able to get them back for her and if you can how much is the cost for this please.

My wifes 6 year old HP Pavilion computer which she kept using against my advice (the first one!) has developed an error where it can’t find the boot device. It finally stopped working completely / won’t charge or switch on. The phone has family photos and videos on it that weren’t backed up (as connecting drive via USB stopped working a while back). Just wondering what the chances are you can retrieve the video files and photos and how much the cost would be, also where you are based / how we would get the device to you.

Seagate expansion, Dropped it. It is read by laptop but cant see it appearing in my computer. Does not any weird noise.

Help with hard drives

WD Green not recognised
I have 2TB Western Digital (WD) Green which has most likely head fault – the head read/write head does not stay on the data platter. Would you be able to advise how much would it cost to retrieve data or fix the current drive?
This has started happening since my “My WD Passport” external drive has been dropped. it no longer being recognised by the pc.

I’m wondering how you know that the read/write head doesn’t stay on the platter? Have you opened the drive? If so, this is not advisable as for one, it will contaminate a clear air environment and let dust and other small materials into the disk. In cases where the hard drive has been opened we charge a £95 diagnostic payment. The recovery costs to get your data back can vary between £400 and £800.

hard drive help

Dropped laptop need data off
I have a laptop hard disk, that failed a few years back that I could do with recovering the data from. I think the disk failed due to the laptop being dropped, so most likely mechanical failure. I recall it did manage to boot once or twice after the knock so perhaps head hit/damaged disk ? I can drop the disk off as I work in London.
What would I be looking at in terms of cost?
As you might guess I don’t need an urgent response/quick turnaround on this.

Seeing as you’re in London, you may as well call in at a specialist in data recovery like Data Recovery Tips (see: http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/). They are to be found on Lombard Street, London which is very close to the Bank tube station. I suggest you go straight to a data recovery expert as there’s very little point in bringing you laptop into us at the ICT. Mechanically damaged hard drives have to be sent away – we don’t have the capabilities to retrieve the data in house.

iPod and iPhone
I accidentally dropped and broke my husbands iPod and would like to recover all the music on it for him.
How much do you charge for this type of service please?

I dropped my iphone 6 in sea water and it wont turn on. The photos are not all backed up. I would like to repair the iphone and really would like to see if my photos are recoverable.

It’s the same answer as above for these two devices also: we don’t have the in-house capabilities to rescue the information – so if you’re in London, pop round to Data Recovery Tips and see if they can help you.

Data Recovery from Potable USB External Hard Disk Drives

There are many options available when choosing a hard drive data recovery service from an external USB portable hard drive. This type of hard disk drive is a very popular form of data storage – the USB nature of the external hard drive means it’s a great item and very portable. Many people will carry them around in their rucksacks or briefcases. External hard drives are portable and connect to the host computer via a USB cable interface. Hard drives like this are also very popular items for data recovery companies to work on as portable hard drives are easily damaged as they are external USB devices that can get bashed around from time to time.

Data recovery and hard drive recovery can be used on any type of external portable USB hard drive. Popular makes are Western Digital’s (http://wdc.com/en/) ultra slim MyPassport, MyBook and Elements series, while Seagate (http://www.seagate.com/gb/en/) Expansion portable hard drives are available for backup and data storage purposes. Other popular manufacturers of external portable hard drives are Iomega, Lacie and Gtech (for Mac), Before data recovery on any of these hard drives can be successfully the first thing that often needs to be done is to repair the hard drive. Data recovery companies often discover that portable hard drives are often dropped, this frequently causes a mechanical fault on the hard drive, making it necessary for the hard drive recovery company to repair this fault before data recovery can be attempted.

A Western Digital portable hard disk driveExperts in portable hard drive recovery are England’s Data Clinic Ltd – http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-external-disk/. Data Clinic are also data recovery partners of Seagate and Western Digital, so they are able to retrieve and restore the data from practically any type of broken hard drive regardless of whether it’s an external USB Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, Lacie, GTech or similar device. We use Data Clinic’s data recovery service at our local authority and they have rescued data from dead hard drives for us on several occasions.

New Developments In The Hard Drive Industry

: http://gigaom2.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/helium2.jpgHelium, is about seven 7x less dense than air. This produces less turbulence and resistance, this allows for enormous advancements to nearly every part of a hard disk drive’s operation. With a helium environment, you may spin the platters quicker, have more platters, have denser tracks on the platters, and consume less power.For now, it seems like Western Digital/HGST has opted to enhance the max number of platters (from five to seven) and reduce power consumption (23% lower idle power, 49% lower watts-per-terabyte). There’s no word on spindle speed, but it’s probably 7,200 RPM just like the standard, air filled Ultrastar drives. The Ultrastar He6, in case you were interested, is an enterprise-class hard drive — there’s no word on pricing, but the air-filled Ultrastar 7K4000 is $315 from Amazon, so the He6 won’t be affordable just yet.http://www.storagereview.com/images/images/AirHDD_vs_HeliumHDD_Drives_whiteBG_300dpi.jpgThe 6TB Ultrastar He6 is on sale from today. There’s no word on pricing, and it isn’t apparent if this will be a thing that you can buy from most hard dive suppliers. With helium costs are on the rise (and US authorities only narrowly preventing the closure of the world’s only strategic reserve), we might anticipate the He6 and future helium- filled drives to be high-priced, niche products. If you’re seeking to assemble an awesome submerged water-cooling rig, you need masses of storage capacity, and money’s no problem, then today’s your lucky day.