Hard Drive Fixes Required

I’m attempting to fix a Seagate Maxtor M3 External 2TB Drive, reg. Model: SDC003. The read/write heads have been damaged most likely due to a fall and I’m looking for a compatible replacement arm to switch out and was hoping that you could supply me with one if possible. It stops working apprently with no reason and I can’t find it on my pc anymore.

I am looking for a quote on data recovery from an external harddrive. It is SAMSUNG model that will show up in ‘safely remove hardware‘ in the right hand corner but will not show up in explorer in order to access files.

The external hard drive won’t work when plugged into computer. I have tried the original cable and bought a new cable and neither worked with the product.

Knocked my hard drive whilst accessing files. Didn’t recognise damage immediately and continued using hard drive for a few more hours. After that, the hard drive connects to my Mac, but cannot be mounted.

I have LG USB portable hard drive 500GB (Prod# XPRESS XD7 USB 3.0). The problem is that the power comes in and goes out.
When it comes in, I can see the folders on window. When I click the folder, it is gone out.
What kind of symptoms? I hope it’s not a difficult problem to solve. Please tell me how to fix it.

chronosyncI have a Western Digital Passport Ultra for my MacBook Pro and Mac. I believe the WD Passport Drive may have suffered a blow, because it’s occasionally chirping now. I can still mount the hard drive to both the desktop Mac and the MacBook Pro, but when I try to copy the files from the Passport Ultra to another external hard drive (in an effort to “recover’ the data), I’m getting all sorts of error messages. I also tried ChronoSync Express and was able to copy over only about 25GB of the total 250+GB of data on the drive. Can you please let me know what the estimated cost of recovery might be?

My Laptop just switched off yesterday and no power is getting to the laptop (ASUS x550L) whatsoever- the laptop seems to be dead- no LED, no charge from battery or AC adapter, blank screen.
There are files and files of music I have written still left on the laptop which is important to me, but more importantly I have an essay on that laptop that I need back before Friday. Someone recommended you guys and said you were good value and did it quickly so here I am.
I am just looking for all my files to be accessible in the very short term, and will deal with the laptop another time.

500gb My Passport.
two beeps x 13 with a short spin up before each set of beeps.
discovered in devices and printers as ‘My Passport 070A’
not displayed as file/folder/drive in my computer.
Has data i need recovered.

I formatted an external hard drive accidentally a while ago, looking to see if you can recover all the files that were on it, mainly it is photos and videos.

I’m looking for HDD-recovery store as I have a problem with my external hard drive.
I have an external hard drive HDPS-U500(K)(IODATA), the inside HDD is HM500JI 500GB (SAMSUNG).
The HDD suddenly became undetectable by computer and slightly ticking noise.
I can take it to your London office (EC3 is more convenient for me).
Could you give me a price quote for the data recovery?
how long will it take to recovery?
How can I receive the recovery data?

January Enquiries – 2017 Style

Greetings everybody – I hope we’re all back in to the swing of things now after Xmas? Have a look at this post – it contains the most popular customer enquiries in our help desk in Jan. These are actual enquiries, with useful links where appropriate.

Note: On Weds 22nd Feb the ICT support unit is closed ALL DAY. See you local group leader if you run into problems. We are back open on the 23rd.

External hard drive was dropped and now will not power up its making a clicking noise seems to power up but not recognisable by laptop.

Can you restore data from an iPhone after a restore.
The data I am after recovering is Calander data , notes and possibly pictures.
If I could be emailed that be best best as if trying to keep the phone off.

I have a WD My passport Ultra which is no longer being recognized by the computer. I’ve tried different computers and different cords but it just isn’t registering. The light and fan do still turn on but I’m just unable to see my data:(
We live in Greenwich so is there an office we could stop by at to try to see if we can get it fixed ASAP? Do you have a rough price of what it would cost?
Thanks in advance for your help.

My computer started showing a flashing folder with a question mark. Went through all of the apple support instructions through internet recovery but it’s not able to find the startup disk so I can’t fix it with disk utility.

i have a 4TB Western Digital External hard drive that has stopped working for a
while i was wondering if you guys can take all the data on and move it over to
a 2 tb drive (dont worry last i check all the files weighed roughly around 1tb)
btw i live in cornwall and was wondering you address so if you can i can drop off both drives. for the issue i heard it grinding on something

Clicking, revving up are the main noises. Sometimes it could access certain files, sometimes it hung when trying to access the same files. The drive is relevantly new. It spins up , clicks a few times then seems to reduce speed or spin down/stop.

Dropped the WD 500GB external hard drive. It still powers up and can be heard to spin. Would like a cost for recovery.
I live near Coventry and could drop the hard drive off for assessment if required.

My Mac Air and any other device i plug my WD Passport in to – will not recognise it. I have the last 10 years of my photos and memories on there. Please could you help me.

Samsung Pro Evo 840 500gb SSD drive (same as the one you tested) has failed. Please can you give me approximate costs to recover, home user.

Data Recovery Enquiries from Students

Here are some of the latest enquiries from students that my LEA looks after. Links to appropriate site provided where necessary !!

I’m a 2nd year History student at the University of Birmingham. My USB hard disk, containing the entirety of my information from my course this year, has just physically broken in my bag- and my laptop is no longer reading it’s presence when I plug it in. I cannot state how important the information on the drive is- hundreds of hours of work is on that drive, work which I desperately need. Any help you can give me/ if you could fix it would be greatly appreciated.

DataMy external HDD which is a Western Digital product (My Passport for MAC) is faulty and it contains a lot of data that is of personal value to me. I asked PC World to recover the data and they sent it to their laboratory for the recovery service. They advised me that there was a problem with the drive head and they were trying to find a replacement which would allow recovery of the data. I have now received the unit back without repair as they could not find a drive head.
I would like to arrange for the repair or recovery of the data and would like a quote on your:
1. Costs for either repair of HDD or recovery of data
2. Timeframe for completion (hopefully a very swift timeframe)
3. Percentage chance of success
The symptoms I am experiencing are that the HDD will begin to spin when inserted in the USB port on my MACbook Pro and the LED will flash indicating it is working. However I then hear a click and the LED goes to a constant ‘ON’ state and the spin dies down.

My WD hard drive for Mac dropped and it is no longer detectable on my Mac. I would really like to get it fixed please help me out.

My harddrive corrupted because of OS. Since there is Checkpoint encryption, it is not reading C drive. All my data is in C drive and hence I need help to recover all my data.

Portable Samsung M3 drive (2TB) is no longer being recognised by my computer. On connection I can hear the hard drive spinning, then then light flashes 3 times and turns off.
Just wanted a ballpark quote for this kind of data recovery?

My WD external hard drive dropped off the table and now it powers on, but the computer doesn’t recognise that it’s plugged in. It has vital photos and videos on it.

Any further enquiries please contact me on the LEA internal intranet (it’s quicker) !

The Best Way To Ruin Data

A lot of people are slack about their data – they very seldom go through the contents of their hard drive and clear all of the data and programs out that they no longer need. Finally their machines are consigned to the or are sold on. Whatever occurs to the hard drive is generally not good for the data.

I’ve been examining a number of the most effective methods for destroying data. Data destruction is an area of computing that’s little discussed, as computing is about data, however this is quite ironical. And data destruction is part of regular computing life.
Computer data
It is so critical that private data is removed from hard drives before they’re put up on the market on eBay or similar.

Data wiping is pretty simple but needs to be handled correctly – it is pretty simple to lose data, as an example, whole partitions lost and may be concealed when the time comes to remove the data from the hard drive. Initially, you may want to ask yourself –

Data Removal from A Hard Drive
Removing the data could be carried out with a software which overwrites the data on the hard drive. To ensure you remove ALL OF the data from the hard drive you are in need of an application which allows you to set LBA worth. LBA addresses each element of the hard drive from beginning to end and is brief for Logical Block Address. The beginning LBA is always 0, as well as the ending LBA is consistently the absolute amount of LBA’s on the hard drive. Input the entire hard disk and both of these values will probably be overwritten so removing your data from the hard drive. You’re then clear pass it to a close friend or relative etc. or to sell your hard drive second hand.

Data Removal by Destroying The Hard Drive
Some of us feel safer if we destroy the whole hard drive – and the best way of doing this is to take a hammer to the hard drive and smash it. The pro’s and con’s of hard drive destruction are discussed on these web pages http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/whats-the-best-way-to-destroy-the-data-on-a-hard-drive/, http://repairingbrokenhdds.quora.com/ and http://dataguide.blog.co.uk/

Data Recovery from Potable USB External Hard Disk Drives

There are many options available when choosing a hard drive data recovery service from an external USB portable hard drive. This type of hard disk drive is a very popular form of data storage – the USB nature of the external hard drive means it’s a great item and very portable. Many people will carry them around in their rucksacks or briefcases. External hard drives are portable and connect to the host computer via a USB cable interface. Hard drives like this are also very popular items for data recovery companies to work on as portable hard drives are easily damaged as they are external USB devices that can get bashed around from time to time.

Data recovery and hard drive recovery can be used on any type of external portable USB hard drive. Popular makes are Western Digital’s (http://wdc.com/en/) ultra slim MyPassport, MyBook and Elements series, while Seagate (http://www.seagate.com/gb/en/) Expansion portable hard drives are available for backup and data storage purposes. Other popular manufacturers of external portable hard drives are Iomega, Lacie and Gtech (for Mac), Before data recovery on any of these hard drives can be successfully the first thing that often needs to be done is to repair the hard drive. Data recovery companies often discover that portable hard drives are often dropped, this frequently causes a mechanical fault on the hard drive, making it necessary for the hard drive recovery company to repair this fault before data recovery can be attempted.

A Western Digital portable hard disk driveExperts in portable hard drive recovery are England’s Data Clinic Ltd – http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-external-disk/. Data Clinic are also data recovery partners of Seagate and Western Digital, so they are able to retrieve and restore the data from practically any type of broken hard drive regardless of whether it’s an external USB Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, Lacie, GTech or similar device. We use Data Clinic’s data recovery service at our local authority and they have rescued data from dead hard drives for us on several occasions.

Network Attached Storage Installations

WD NASThis article is about buying a NAS box for your home or small office environment. Hopefully it will give you confidence to install one yourself if this is something you want to do. My oldest daughter has her very own notebook and my youngest daughter comes with an IPad. They both have smartphones also. Additionally they shoot lots of pictures which wish to save, as texting and well and all of those other things teens use their mobile phones for.

Saving this data to the family iMac was good – there was lots os space and it had been an uncomplicated thing to realize but as time went by there was more and more data to save – more pictures, more videos and now music also. Utilizing the net to find a solution to my issue, my focus was brought to Network Attached Storage, otherwise called NAS. Essentially these are devices that connect to the router in your house a let anyone connected to that router to utilize them. Great I believed – I’ll get among those ! And so I did so, everyone was happy.

It came in a good box using a link to Datlabs NAS Support who I could call if I needed any technical assistance setting the NAS upward and getting it working right. I simply plugged it in, typed our password on our network and it installed itself. The very first thing to do was to transfer all our pictures, videos and music data from our family Mac onto the NAS. That was easy – a simple drag and drop operation saw that finished with no troubles. There was loads of data – some 50GB or so… How can teens make as much data?? All of which was of course, vital to them.

Anyhow with that done I set about cleaning the Mac upward and deleting files and folders. Another 30 minutes or so and it was finished. The initial thug I found was the the machine started to run a great deal faster – which was a result I was really pleased with.

Next I took a view of the setup of our new NAS apparatus. It’s a 4 disc Linux based storage device that runs RAID 5. This implies the data it holds is spread throughout all 4 discs instead of one. That’s somewhat unusual I presumed but after closer investigation I learned this was infact a great matter. It permits one drive to neglect and my data to still live without being lost. RAID 5 additionally supply increased data read speeds too – something that was obvious in the minute we started using our NAS file server concurrently. While I had been able to stream music from this my daughters could see their pictures. This all worked good – something that we’re able to never do before in the Mac as it was simply not fast enough. So introducing a NAS RAID file server into our house surroundings is a great success. Installing it was simple and I didn’t need to get hold of Datlabs for help in setting this up, I do believe I’ll keep their link though only incase anything occurs to the NAS that I can’t sort out myself.