Warning – MacBook Air Drive Failure

Run the Apple diagnostic to see if your Macbook Air’s are ok. If not they’ll need to be swapped out.

Apple have issued a recall notice on some Macbook Air computers manufactured in early 2013 due to hard drive failure.

Yes, yes I know all our staff should back their data up but we can all guarantee more or less every week a call from a member of the teaching faculty (usually chemistry…?) about lost data.

There’s an Apple knowledgebase article about the problem and an Apple download that will check if the hard drive is a faulty one too.

Find A Hard Drive Recovery Specialist

Choosing a hard drive recovery companyThe key to selecting a hard drive recovery business will be to actually leave time to yourself to make a choice. That means early recognition that the data recovery problem is beyond your immediate control. Be wary of claims that seem to be outside the limits of reality, since you may be exposed to a pitch only when your system is down and you need the help right away. Be sure you locate a business that has clean room support. When they have the facilities to work directly on damaged media, then they will have the ability to do all the physical processes needed to recover data.

A high cost is not always an indication that you just’re dealing with a highend firm. The truth is, it has happened that intermediate – grade business will benefit from a serious data incident to receive premium prices and ask for. A great business should also be ‘operating system agnostic’. In other words, they are able to work on any sort of applications. S

electing a local data recovery company generally makes life easier for everyone – but be certain the business you choose are great at what they do. Physical proximity makes for faster logistics and better communications, despite the fact that this is a 24 * 7 business. The Internet may have eliminated time and distance in some business processes but in data recovery, being there’s still better. There are still a lot of areas that fail to offer full service labs within america and Canada. Ensure that if you are shipping your media via courier that the firm you happen to be dealing with has both a clean room, and also an actual full service laboratory. Many companies are simply single persons with sites working from their basements testing out software. You do not need your important business information to be in the control of an amateur.

Again, make sure you do your research prior to sending your media everywhere.

External Hard Drives

EHDs offer many advantages to the user; they can protect a user’s data by providing a back up capability for the main computer, they are useful for storing and archiving large multimedia files and the increasingly popular compact portable versions are particularly useful for data transportation. However, despite all their advantages, we need to be careful with these disks. EHDs are among the most common of all devices sent to data recovery companies. There are two main reasons for this: