CCTV Recover Data

Here are some data recovery enquiries from CCTV cameras and DVR equipment.
Connected to an MPEG4 DVR and looks as thought he hard drive is not being detected by the DVR anymore. It has not been formatted so there should be data on there but unable to be recovered on the DVR itself. The HDD has been tested on a USB connection via a caddy on a PC and the PC does not see the hard drive either. I need to recover the CCTV image files from this DVR system.

Our WD “My passport” has stopped working, from what we can tell it’s not spinning up anymore (no vibration at all when it’s plugged in), it keeps beeping and flashing. It’s either a 500GB or 1TB model, we don’t know for sure. We would like to ask about CCTV Data recovery options available and the costs. The images are recorded onto our DVR system (containing the hard disk) and it’s from there that the CCTV data recovery is needed.

I want to get the CCTV and DVR image data stored in my laptop, but when I open the laptop it says it requires a power on password, which I have never set. I gave it for repair and the repair guys told me that the windows is broken and their only choice is to install windows again which can delete all the data stored in my laptop. How can I get all the data ?

Help with phone problems

In this post I reprint some phone enquiries that have been submitted to the help desk in August.

I have a Smartphone LG G4 International (H-815) Android version 6.0.
On 29 July I was deleting stuff using the Smart Cleaning software incorporated in my device with the intention of freeing space in the internal storage. I deleted by mistake (ignorance?) cache files and DCIM files (which I understand are the support of photos and videos) so a good bunch of pictures and videos went missing after my stupid action! When I tried to find them in Gallery they were not there any more.
It is also posible that some files were also deleted 10 days before then when I unloaded the content of the phone (again pics and videos) on my laptop having chosen the option ‘delete after transferring. But because the ‘C’ drive of my laptop was nearly full, some files could not get transferred – I wonder if some were lost also in this proccess.
HTC 10Happened what it may have happened on these two occasions, I wonder if you could help me to retrieve my lost files. I am only after videos and pictures really.
Additionally I want my contacts back. These are perhaps the most important as many of my business mortgage contacts are on the phone.
Your help would be appreciated.
I live near York, close to Leeds in Yorkshire. Some time soon is quite convenient for me. I can leave my phone with you next week.
NOTE: I have tried to avoid taking more pictures and videos since then to prevent over-writting empty picture/video files. [Ed note: Contact ICT LEEDS for advice with this one]

My phone is a HTC 10 which has had rain ingress Sat 12th Aug. It at first set everything going all at once. Flash light came on, and various other items like bluetooth,gps,etc all switched on and the phone had the booting up spinning logo showing in the background of the screen as a ghost image. The phone then switched off or died. I sttod it up in a warm place for the rest of Sat/Sun. This morning Calling my phone provider EE they suggested trying the power on and volume button down to reboot (I thought it should be volume up ?) Nothing happened. Can you retrieve my contacts and data. ?. And what data protection do you provide.

I have accidentally deleted the photos from my camera folder on my Samsung galaxy s3 and just wondered if you get get them back for me.

ML370 Recovery of Data

HP ML370 RAID serverA disk failed in a raid 5 configuration (set of 3 disks) on a ML370 G4. replaced drive and will not build the raid and boots halfway into windows 2003 server and then the screen goes black. Then the unit does not respond what so ever.

2TB SSHD Seagate hard drive (Model ST2000DX001)
Removed from a Z-Series workstation by an unqualified user
No longer spins / clicks / powers on.
Initial assumption is PCB board needs replacing but we don’t have capacity to test / confirm.
I do not believe there has been any other damage to the hard drive and we have not made an attempt to open it.

I have a Seagate External Drive Model SRD00F1. When I connect it makes some clicking noises but my PC do not recognise the disk. The drives are in an HP system, not sure which one but possibly an ML370.

My advice when ever dealing with RAID systems requiring data recovery is to go to Data Clinic (their RAID recovery web page is here:
Expect to pay for a diagnosis and again for the recovery should you wish to proceed with the recovery, after the diagnosis reveals what is recoverable.

With RAID related data, don’t be tempted to have a look at getting it back yourself – you’ll enter a world of pain. Files are segmented across all the disks so aren’t on a single disk. So, you need to get the data off of all the disks in the RAID (in this case an ML370) to get the data off correctly.

Data Recovery Enquiries from Students

Here are some of the latest enquiries from students that my LEA looks after. Links to appropriate site provided where necessary !!

I’m a 2nd year History student at the University of Birmingham. My USB hard disk, containing the entirety of my information from my course this year, has just physically broken in my bag- and my laptop is no longer reading it’s presence when I plug it in. I cannot state how important the information on the drive is- hundreds of hours of work is on that drive, work which I desperately need. Any help you can give me/ if you could fix it would be greatly appreciated.

DataMy external HDD which is a Western Digital product (My Passport for MAC) is faulty and it contains a lot of data that is of personal value to me. I asked PC World to recover the data and they sent it to their laboratory for the recovery service. They advised me that there was a problem with the drive head and they were trying to find a replacement which would allow recovery of the data. I have now received the unit back without repair as they could not find a drive head.
I would like to arrange for the repair or recovery of the data and would like a quote on your:
1. Costs for either repair of HDD or recovery of data
2. Timeframe for completion (hopefully a very swift timeframe)
3. Percentage chance of success
The symptoms I am experiencing are that the HDD will begin to spin when inserted in the USB port on my MACbook Pro and the LED will flash indicating it is working. However I then hear a click and the LED goes to a constant ‘ON’ state and the spin dies down.

My WD hard drive for Mac dropped and it is no longer detectable on my Mac. I would really like to get it fixed please help me out.

My harddrive corrupted because of OS. Since there is Checkpoint encryption, it is not reading C drive. All my data is in C drive and hence I need help to recover all my data.

Portable Samsung M3 drive (2TB) is no longer being recognised by my computer. On connection I can hear the hard drive spinning, then then light flashes 3 times and turns off.
Just wanted a ballpark quote for this kind of data recovery?

My WD external hard drive dropped off the table and now it powers on, but the computer doesn’t recognise that it’s plugged in. It has vital photos and videos on it.

Any further enquiries please contact me on the LEA internal intranet (it’s quicker) !

Enquiries from the IT Desk

More hard drive data recovery enquiries in this latest blog – again with links supplied to help you out. If you have any questions or get stuck, give me a call through internal IT / LEA numbers and I’ll help you out.

  • lost fileI have a WD Elements external hard drive used to store photos and I’m no longer able to access them. I was referred to you by 3B Systems in Nelson as a company that might be able to recover the images.
    As you are based in Bury would it be convenient to call in to see you.
  • I plugged my seagate expansion portable external hard-drive into my laptop and it was not being recognised after several restarts of my computer. Although the light came on it was also making a strange beeping noise. The drive was accidentally dropped from a small height last week and so that is probably the cause of the damage. I don’t think the laptop is the issue as several other usb’s I have tried all have worked. I have photos from my masters project on the hard drive which I need to give to my supervisor, so need the drive fixing or data recovered quickly.
  • Basically I use a Seagate GoFlex Home to store my data files on a home network. To the best of my recollection there is about 550 gb of data on it, mostly music and photos, also some documents, domestic and relating to my voluntary activities. If we go away for more than the odd night, I turn it off, remove the actual storage unit from the base, and store it in a fireproof box in a safe place while we’re away. On our return I reverse the process. I have done this about a dozen times in the four years I have used the device, without problems. We got home yesterday and having put the drive unit back on the base and turned it on, I found it was non-functioning in that it connects to the network, but the drive itself doesn’t work (the white light does not come on). Windows recognises that it is there but says there are no files on it, as does the Seagate website. I’ve tried all the usual stuff like turning it off and back on etc. to no avail. I last used it literally immediately before turning it off on the day we left, and it has shown no signs of any problems, prior to that. So far as I am aware the unit contains two physical drives, one of which backs up to the other. I suppose I never considered both of them failing at the same time. I’ve been to a local firm who say that it’s a mechanical problem and they can’t help, and recommended you.

Remember if you are going to start troubleshooting a hard drive, make sure you back the data up first!

The Best Way To Ruin Data

A lot of people are slack about their data – they very seldom go through the contents of their hard drive and clear all of the data and programs out that they no longer need. Finally their machines are consigned to the or are sold on. Whatever occurs to the hard drive is generally not good for the data.

I’ve been examining a number of the most effective methods for destroying data. Data destruction is an area of computing that’s little discussed, as computing is about data, however this is quite ironical. And data destruction is part of regular computing life.
Computer data
It is so critical that private data is removed from hard drives before they’re put up on the market on eBay or similar.

Data wiping is pretty simple but needs to be handled correctly – it is pretty simple to lose data, as an example, whole partitions lost and may be concealed when the time comes to remove the data from the hard drive. Initially, you may want to ask yourself –

Data Removal from A Hard Drive
Removing the data could be carried out with a software which overwrites the data on the hard drive. To ensure you remove ALL OF the data from the hard drive you are in need of an application which allows you to set LBA worth. LBA addresses each element of the hard drive from beginning to end and is brief for Logical Block Address. The beginning LBA is always 0, as well as the ending LBA is consistently the absolute amount of LBA’s on the hard drive. Input the entire hard disk and both of these values will probably be overwritten so removing your data from the hard drive. You’re then clear pass it to a close friend or relative etc. or to sell your hard drive second hand.

Data Removal by Destroying The Hard Drive
Some of us feel safer if we destroy the whole hard drive – and the best way of doing this is to take a hammer to the hard drive and smash it. The pro’s and con’s of hard drive destruction are discussed on these web pages, and

Data Centres

Data centres are what will be the heart of search engines and big digital storage companies, they are composed of mass storage devices, servers and telecoms devices, to ensure that there able to keep the computers operating all of the time they have protective measures in location such as backup batteries for electricity and uninterruptible power supplies
Pollution is a chief factor for data centres, due to the quantity they create they are required by law to use special equipment, but they occasionally use as much electricity as a small town because they use so much equipment.

Data centres have a set of minimum requirements in regards to what their infrastructure is, they’ve been provided a topology which can be pertinent to any dimension data centre, there are also guidelines for data centres that are part of the telecommunications networks, such as environmental requirements for the equipment that they use.

There are definite rules as to what data centres can use their servers for, these are:

Run and manage a telephone company’s telecommunication network
Supply data centre established applications straight to the provider ‘s clients 
Provide hosted systems for a third party to offer services for their clients
Provide a blend of those and associated data centre systems

In case a data centres systems are out of date they may use what is referred to as a transformation initiative to upgrade and better their present systems, the initiative is split into four endeavours called; safety, standardisation, virtualisation and automation.
Data Centre
Data centres must keep themselves at the leading edge of technologies. They achieve this by getting all of the latest devices offering better performance and storage space. Additionally they look to improve networking abilities in the hope the amount of data centres could be managed better, and finally decrease (because there are lots of them around)

Virtualisation is where devices that are used in the data centre are united for example one device could run multiple virtual servers, this equates to less space being utilised, less operational expenses and it reduces energy usage, virtualisation additionally allows for data centres to supply virtual desktops to consumers.

Because of the fact that many data centres have problems with a deficiency of skilled IT staff, automation makes working the data centre more efficient, operations such as settings, patching, provisioning and release management are automated, automating operations may also reduce the expenses the data centre has to face.

Securing a data centre is reached both physically by implementing armed guards and utilising CCTV cameras, it can also be preserved by security of the personal computers, this is of equal, or even greater relevance for a data centre.

Here is table of each grade:

Downtime is as stringent as the rest of running a data centre. For each tier, there is a distinct allocation of time available for let downtime yearly, these are the following:

➢ No longer than 26 minutes is to be delayed for tier 4 – 99.995%
➢ No longer than 94 minutes is allowed for tier 3 – 99.982%
➢ No more than 22 and a half hours for tier 2 – 99.741%
➢ No more than 28.8 hours is allowed for a tier 1 failure – 99.671%

New Developments In The Hard Drive Industry

:, is about seven 7x less dense than air. This produces less turbulence and resistance, this allows for enormous advancements to nearly every part of a hard disk drive’s operation. With a helium environment, you may spin the platters quicker, have more platters, have denser tracks on the platters, and consume less power.For now, it seems like Western Digital/HGST has opted to enhance the max number of platters (from five to seven) and reduce power consumption (23% lower idle power, 49% lower watts-per-terabyte). There’s no word on spindle speed, but it’s probably 7,200 RPM just like the standard, air filled Ultrastar drives. The Ultrastar He6, in case you were interested, is an enterprise-class hard drive — there’s no word on pricing, but the air-filled Ultrastar 7K4000 is $315 from Amazon, so the He6 won’t be affordable just yet. 6TB Ultrastar He6 is on sale from today. There’s no word on pricing, and it isn’t apparent if this will be a thing that you can buy from most hard dive suppliers. With helium costs are on the rise (and US authorities only narrowly preventing the closure of the world’s only strategic reserve), we might anticipate the He6 and future helium- filled drives to be high-priced, niche products. If you’re seeking to assemble an awesome submerged water-cooling rig, you need masses of storage capacity, and money’s no problem, then today’s your lucky day.


Data Security: McAfee vs Android Apps

Android logo John McAfee has apparently decided on his next project, an Android app security interrogator called “Cognizant”.

The Android app is a safety tool of types, inasmuch as it apparently conducts a census of all of the apps in your Android device and reports about what they have been permitted to do on it.

McAfee believes this functionality is an excellent idea because many apps ask for authorization to command just about all of a Android device’s functions, like the capability to study place data, make calls and shoot pictures. McAfee’s logic supposedly runs, if consumers know about this behavior, they’re going to either delete piquing apps or think twice before installing them.

Cognizant will seemingly appear on March 1st, with McAfee taking part in a web-based chat on February 14th to provide more depth on his new enterprise.

Network Attached Storage Installations

WD NASThis article is about buying a NAS box for your home or small office environment. Hopefully it will give you confidence to install one yourself if this is something you want to do. My oldest daughter has her very own notebook and my youngest daughter comes with an IPad. They both have smartphones also. Additionally they shoot lots of pictures which wish to save, as texting and well and all of those other things teens use their mobile phones for.

Saving this data to the family iMac was good – there was lots os space and it had been an uncomplicated thing to realize but as time went by there was more and more data to save – more pictures, more videos and now music also. Utilizing the net to find a solution to my issue, my focus was brought to Network Attached Storage, otherwise called NAS. Essentially these are devices that connect to the router in your house a let anyone connected to that router to utilize them. Great I believed – I’ll get among those ! And so I did so, everyone was happy.

It came in a good box using a link to Datlabs NAS Support who I could call if I needed any technical assistance setting the NAS upward and getting it working right. I simply plugged it in, typed our password on our network and it installed itself. The very first thing to do was to transfer all our pictures, videos and music data from our family Mac onto the NAS. That was easy – a simple drag and drop operation saw that finished with no troubles. There was loads of data – some 50GB or so… How can teens make as much data?? All of which was of course, vital to them.

Anyhow with that done I set about cleaning the Mac upward and deleting files and folders. Another 30 minutes or so and it was finished. The initial thug I found was the the machine started to run a great deal faster – which was a result I was really pleased with.

Next I took a view of the setup of our new NAS apparatus. It’s a 4 disc Linux based storage device that runs RAID 5. This implies the data it holds is spread throughout all 4 discs instead of one. That’s somewhat unusual I presumed but after closer investigation I learned this was infact a great matter. It permits one drive to neglect and my data to still live without being lost. RAID 5 additionally supply increased data read speeds too – something that was obvious in the minute we started using our NAS file server concurrently. While I had been able to stream music from this my daughters could see their pictures. This all worked good – something that we’re able to never do before in the Mac as it was simply not fast enough. So introducing a NAS RAID file server into our house surroundings is a great success. Installing it was simple and I didn’t need to get hold of Datlabs for help in setting this up, I do believe I’ll keep their link though only incase anything occurs to the NAS that I can’t sort out myself.