Reading Data Recovery

My SanDisk USB has stopped working, i’ve tested it on various computers and run driver updates. it cannot be recognised.
Are you able to extract data from the USB? I am located in Reading and know of a good data recovery clinic in London on Lombard Street.

reading data recovery

Broken motherboard on iPhone
iPhone 6 with broken motherboard, desperately need sentimental photos recovered from it

it does not show up in the desktop even though the light in the drive blinks as if it was working. tried recovering the data from small repair shops but I was told to go to a tech lab

WD My Passport 2TB
My drive is broken and isn’t acknowledged by computer.
Can I have a rough estimate for recovery. I will provide a new hard drive for transfer of data. I have a hard drive failure in Reading.

I have broken the connector area to the hard drive, so it won’t turn on. Would you be able to help with this?

i have a seagate expansion+ hard drive that is clicking when i plug it in, the laptop will not recgonise the device either. i suspect that the read/write head is on the platter which is causing the issue i need the hard drive to be looked at ad repaired or if not i would need my documents back

WD My Book 750 GB has failed. Would like recovery to replacement HD. Do you have a drop in service in Caversham or Reading?
The hardier makes no sound at all
There is nothing moving.

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