Stora NAS data recovery RAID

The following two RAID data recovery requests regard a Stora NAS and QNAP NAS, one running a RAID 1 mirror and the other a RAID 5. In all cases where data recovery is required make sure you do your own research and be sure to choose a good data recovery company. Note that in the second example, a forensic data recovery service is required – this is the recovery of data that is to be used for legal processes and as such the processes involved in forensic data recovery need to handled differently to those of conventional data recovery.

forensic data recovery

I have a 2TB WD Red disk that was in a Stora NAS that was set to RAID disk mirroring. The Stora failed and one of the disks is in a new Synology NAS but the other I have retained to recover the files. I believe the file system is XFS. I need the data recovering and I have tried with a disk caddy that I have used to read an ext3 disk before (failed Lacie NAS) but I’m struggling to read the XFS drive from Windows or get a virtual Linux image with XFS going (I only have perfunctory Unix skills). I’m wondering what the cost would be to recover the files on thr disk please? Not sure the size but not anywhere near the capacity of the disk, I believe more between 500Gb and 1Tb. I ould be happy for the files to be provided on the same disk as an NTFS or other Windows readable disk.if that’s possible rather than buying new media / disks. Please if you would let me know if you are able to recover the files and what the estimated cost is that would be great. BTW I’m Sheffield based.

I have a 4-disk QNAP NAS that’s no longer recognising the disks (4 x 2TB drives) configured as a RAID-5 array. How much would it cost for an evaluation to have the data recovered? I need this doing in a forensically sensitive way as the files on the hard drive are part of a legal court case. Is forensic data recovery something you can help with?