Hard Drives Need Repair

In this post I discuss some enquiries that have come into the ICT help desk this month. I’ve included links where appropriate.

I have a Samsung HX-M101TCB/G external drive been working on for a couple of years, now when powering up you hear 4-5 beeps and that’s it, doesn’t show up computer drives, have tried on several devices and the same thing not detected, the drive has lots of photos that I would like saved.

hdd needing repair

I have a rather old external harddrive and I cannot get it to work anymore. When I plug it in, all I hear is a wizzing noise and clicking and then there’s a message on the screen saying cannot read drive.
It’s never been dropped of been damaged in any way like water, heat etc.
Is this something you can recover ?
If so, can you email me approx costs involved and how much it’ll cost to transfer on to a flash stick. I think it was around 50gb.

WD external hard drive 3.5 gig 50% populated with family photos. Used 2 weeks ago no problems at all, used last week although plugs in to PC and recognized drive but computer cant access files, you can hear motor whirring on hard drive.

Seagate ST340810A 40GB drive powered up with 19v and burned a leg off of the SMOOTH chip. Turned off within seconds so hopefully not much other damage.

I have a Seagate 500GB hard drive which has been working perfectly. I plugged it in on Friday and it appears that Windows cannot read it. The disk spins and does not click, however, on my computer it shows only local Disk E and the error message that E is not accessible and the file or device is corrupted and unreadable. Please help as this has 5 years of PhD work and all our family photographs.

Drive became unable to access about a year ago and has all the files from our travels on it.

As far as I know the hard drive is not damaged but the mini USB input has fallen off of the drive so I can no longer connect it to my iMac. Is this something you could help with?

When I plug the ‘WD My Passport for Mac’ external hardrive to my mac desktop it just makes a clicking noise which sounds like a disk spinning and not getting going and retrying. I would value your help as all my work is on the hardrive!

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