Help with phone problems

In this post I reprint some phone enquiries that have been submitted to the help desk in August.

I have a Smartphone LG G4 International (H-815) Android version 6.0.
On 29 July I was deleting stuff using the Smart Cleaning software incorporated in my device with the intention of freeing space in the internal storage. I deleted by mistake (ignorance?) cache files and DCIM files (which I understand are the support of photos and videos) so a good bunch of pictures and videos went missing after my stupid action! When I tried to find them in Gallery they were not there any more.
It is also posible that some files were also deleted 10 days before then when I unloaded the content of the phone (again pics and videos) on my laptop having chosen the option ‘delete after transferring. But because the ‘C’ drive of my laptop was nearly full, some files could not get transferred – I wonder if some were lost also in this proccess.
HTC 10Happened what it may have happened on these two occasions, I wonder if you could help me to retrieve my lost files. I am only after videos and pictures really.
Additionally I want my contacts back. These are perhaps the most important as many of my business mortgage contacts are on the phone.
Your help would be appreciated.
I live near York, close to Leeds in Yorkshire. Some time soon is quite convenient for me. I can leave my phone with you next week.
NOTE: I have tried to avoid taking more pictures and videos since then to prevent over-writting empty picture/video files. [Ed note: Contact ICT LEEDS for advice with this one]

My phone is a HTC 10 which has had rain ingress Sat 12th Aug. It at first set everything going all at once. Flash light came on, and various other items like bluetooth,gps,etc all switched on and the phone had the booting up spinning logo showing in the background of the screen as a ghost image. The phone then switched off or died. I sttod it up in a warm place for the rest of Sat/Sun. This morning Calling my phone provider EE they suggested trying the power on and volume button down to reboot (I thought it should be volume up ?) Nothing happened. Can you retrieve my contacts and data. ?. And what data protection do you provide.

I have accidentally deleted the photos from my camera folder on my Samsung galaxy s3 and just wondered if you get get them back for me.

August Postings

Here’s a roundup of what’s come in at the Helpdesk in August so far.

What would be the cost of recovering data from a 120GB imoga external hard drive (photos music etc).
I work in city so would be using Lombard street branch, lost all multimedia images videos etc. WD drive . getting click sound

example mailserverI’m writing this to inquire about email verification.
I need a report regarding the sender, receiver and possibly the date of the email.
The email is on the Webmail server ( I have access to it and can forward it .
I would be glad to give you more information.

My hard drive ,is clicking, ive got all my payroll info on there. need it asap.
I’m not able to speak today as im in interviews all day but i will be able to respond to emails.
How much does the recovery cost ?

I contact you because 2 of my external hard drives need data recovery/saving.
I really need to access the files as I need to find a new job and I need my data for it.
It’s a rugged Lacie maybe 5 years old with 3 ports (usb, Firewire 200 and 400) When I plug it, it appears on the computer desktop, (I can open folders and see the files) and then it suddenly disconnect by itself after 30 sec/1min. I can’t back up this hard drive at all. Do you think there’s a way to keep it connected?
It is a WD 1to that needs to be plugged on the electric system. So When I switch it on, I can hear it working and a little light appears, but if I plug it to the computer it doesn’t come up, no signals nothing.
My questions are: What do you think it could be? How much would it cost to get the data or repair the HDs? Is there anything that you could advise me to do please?

My toshiba 500gb external drive no longer responds to the usb plug. For a while I had to press the plug in at an angle to get the drive to power up, and hold it there, but now it doesn’t respond at all.

My external hard drive is called WD – My Passport. Its 3no. T in size. It cannot be opened or recognised / seen on my computer when I plug it in and I have tried in on 2no. different PC’s.
It also makes a terrible clicking noise when plugged in.
It has not been dropped nor had water thrown on it. It is however, around 5no. years old.
Can you provide me with a quote to fix and further information?

Hard Drives Need Repair

In this post I discuss some enquiries that have come into the ICT help desk this month. I’ve included links where appropriate.

I have a Samsung HX-M101TCB/G external drive been working on for a couple of years, now when powering up you hear 4-5 beeps and that’s it, doesn’t show up computer drives, have tried on several devices and the same thing not detected, the drive has lots of photos that I would like saved.

hdd needing repair

I have a rather old external harddrive and I cannot get it to work anymore. When I plug it in, all I hear is a wizzing noise and clicking and then there’s a message on the screen saying cannot read drive.
It’s never been dropped of been damaged in any way like water, heat etc.
Is this something you can recover ?
If so, can you email me approx costs involved and how much it’ll cost to transfer on to a flash stick. I think it was around 50gb.

WD external hard drive 3.5 gig 50% populated with family photos. Used 2 weeks ago no problems at all, used last week although plugs in to PC and recognized drive but computer cant access files, you can hear motor whirring on hard drive.

Seagate ST340810A 40GB drive powered up with 19v and burned a leg off of the SMOOTH chip. Turned off within seconds so hopefully not much other damage.

I have a Seagate 500GB hard drive which has been working perfectly. I plugged it in on Friday and it appears that Windows cannot read it. The disk spins and does not click, however, on my computer it shows only local Disk E and the error message that E is not accessible and the file or device is corrupted and unreadable. Please help as this has 5 years of PhD work and all our family photographs.

Drive became unable to access about a year ago and has all the files from our travels on it.

As far as I know the hard drive is not damaged but the mini USB input has fallen off of the drive so I can no longer connect it to my iMac. Is this something you could help with?

When I plug the ‘WD My Passport for Mac’ external hardrive to my mac desktop it just makes a clicking noise which sounds like a disk spinning and not getting going and retrying. I would value your help as all my work is on the hardrive!