Many Problems, Some Solutions

humourless womanSome people say I haven’t got a sense of humour…. Come on seriously, me?
Anyway I haven’t taken offence and in this post will discuss what some of you people have done to your phones and data drives. So, here we go…

Laptop had a very hard fall and is very broken. HD removed and is not spinning and no noise from read heads. Noticed circuit board damaged, board removed and broken chip found. Replaced circuit board with board from same modle HD (but smaller GB), both boards have same modle number but different revision numbers. With new board platters can be heard spinnig and read heads moving, but only for about 5-10 seconds. HD not being recognised when attached to my old PC. Drive is a Western Digital 750GB WD7500BPKT ( with 6 or 7 partitions, running Win7

My Samsung galaxy a5 is broken with a smashed blank screen but still vibrates as if it has received a text. I would like to retrieve photos and my calendar from it.

i have a 128GB SSD which has been partially overwritten, would it be possible to recover anything from this?

The hard drive makes a few clicking sounds, then its like the sound changes to very quiet.
Barracuda XT 2TB
P/N: 9GV168 – 036
Firmware: CC44
Date code: 12153

I accidently dropped my 8TB external hard drive on a soft floor and now it is not recognised by my laptop.

iphone 5s
Tries to turn on, goes to the Apple logo for about 20 seconds and then screen goes black [], Sometimes phone repeats this cycle, sometimes not.
Tried updating the software via iTunes, update failed.
Tried recovery mode, also failed.
The phone has a lot of family photos and notes which are not backed up so we cannot do a factory reset. We are less bothered about the phone than the photos and notes, so if they can be saved but it means damaging the phone beyond repair then that is okay. Obviously if the data can be retrieved and the phone fixed then that is a bonus. Could you advise likely prices for only data retrieval, and/or data and phone fix.

My device is one of the original 42 GB white iPods. It powers up but is not able to read the internal drive. Can u recover the music files onto an external hard drive? I am currently in China but back in the U.K. In August.

I have an external hard drive that does not seem to boot up. You can hear it trying too but the drive doesn’t seem to kick in. When connected to my mac the light is on so it is working but not able to be read. I have tried it in various computers. I would like a quote for getting the data off of this hard drive.
It is a My Passport for MAC.

I would like to have an estimated budget for recovering the data (mostly pictures and office documents).
Hard disk model:
Hard disk Toshiba, 750GB.
Disk read error
Unstable/Failing read/write heads
Hard disk drive/s have failed
Media surface is degraded
Read write heads are bad

See what I have to contend with??? No wonder I can lose my humour at times!

ICT Recovery Services – A Reminder

Back in March 2016 in a post titled ICT Recovery problems (see here) I talked about how we were having a lot of different hard drive repair and data recovery requests. It’s worth my reiterating that it’s really not a good idea to have a hard drive repaired. We refuse to do it because it causes more problems than it’s worth. Once a hard drive start to go wrong it must be replaced immediately by a member of my team. Please don’t ask a friend outside of work to do it for you as it causes us a lot of difficult and creates a lot of questions relating to data security. Here are two cases that eventually came to us after having been elsewhere.

  • I recently took my macbook pro to repair after a hard drive fail. They replaced the hard drive with a new one but weren’t able to recover the data. I was wondering if there’s a possibility for all the things I had on my old hard drive to be recovered, and eventually to know how much it would cost me (they’re giving my old hard drive back to me).
  • I’ve got a barracude 3TB ST3000DM001 1CH166- 306, Date 14214 100717520 RevB. The drive started posting smart errors in the bios three weeks ago, i did a check disk and it took 3 hours to complete (with no errors) Unfortunately i replaced and backed up another drive by accident. So this barracuda failed and disappeared from the bios, It doesn’t make any sound at all and it’s not being recognised from the bios or windows . I also tried it with my usb to sata dongle in three machines but no luck at all. I was wandering what will be the price range for recovering or fixing this drive.

Remember, if you have any data loss issue to contact us first.