A Letter from Finance

I received this letter from Finance in the form of an email earlier today which made me smile, the sender shall remain nameless…

“I have a faulty external hard drive which I am trying to recover data from. I have had the drive for a few years and this weekend I was unable to connect it to my laptop to remove data. I have tried a few things but the disc doesn’t appear to be spinning. When I plug in the adaptor the light blinks. Sometimes it makes a noise like it is connected to the laptop but does not show as connected”

What have I been talking about ever since I started this column? I’ve written so many posts and sent out so many emails about how important it is to not meddle with a hard drive when it goes faulty.

datlabs logoWe’ve had a few instances where employees have decided to have a go at fixing the hard disk problems themselves only for them to make a huge mess and then ask us to help rescue their files. In most of these cases, the damage they’ve caused to the hard drive has made it beyond repair.

We are at the moment trialing the capacities of the UK’s Datlabs – a data recovery service. I’ll let you know how they get on trying to rescue data from hard drives that are now badly damaged.

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