Hard Drive Fixes Required

I’m attempting to fix a Seagate Maxtor M3 External 2TB Drive, reg. Model: SDC003. The read/write heads have been damaged most likely due to a fall and I’m looking for a compatible replacement arm to switch out and was hoping that you could supply me with one if possible. It stops working apprently with no reason and I can’t find it on my pc anymore.

I am looking for a quote on data recovery from an external harddrive. It is SAMSUNG model that will show up in ‘safely remove hardware‘ in the right hand corner but will not show up in explorer in order to access files.

The external hard drive won’t work when plugged into computer. I have tried the original cable and bought a new cable and neither worked with the product.

Knocked my hard drive whilst accessing files. Didn’t recognise damage immediately and continued using hard drive for a few more hours. After that, the hard drive connects to my Mac, but cannot be mounted.

I have LG USB portable hard drive 500GB (Prod# XPRESS XD7 USB 3.0). The problem is that the power comes in and goes out.
When it comes in, I can see the folders on window. When I click the folder, it is gone out.
What kind of symptoms? I hope it’s not a difficult problem to solve. Please tell me how to fix it.

chronosyncI have a Western Digital Passport Ultra for my MacBook Pro and Mac. I believe the WD Passport Drive may have suffered a blow, because it’s occasionally chirping now. I can still mount the hard drive to both the desktop Mac and the MacBook Pro, but when I try to copy the files from the Passport Ultra to another external hard drive (in an effort to “recover’ the data), I’m getting all sorts of error messages. I also tried ChronoSync Express and was able to copy over only about 25GB of the total 250+GB of data on the drive. Can you please let me know what the estimated cost of recovery might be?

My Laptop just switched off yesterday and no power is getting to the laptop (ASUS x550L) whatsoever- the laptop seems to be dead- no LED, no charge from battery or AC adapter, blank screen.
There are files and files of music I have written still left on the laptop which is important to me, but more importantly I have an essay on that laptop that I need back before Friday. Someone recommended you guys and said you were good value and did it quickly so here I am.
I am just looking for all my files to be accessible in the very short term, and will deal with the laptop another time.

500gb My Passport.
two beeps x 13 with a short spin up before each set of beeps.
discovered in devices and printers as ‘My Passport 070A’
not displayed as file/folder/drive in my computer.
Has data i need recovered.

I formatted an external hard drive accidentally a while ago, looking to see if you can recover all the files that were on it, mainly it is photos and videos.

I’m looking for HDD-recovery store as I have a problem with my external hard drive.
I have an external hard drive HDPS-U500(K)(IODATA), the inside HDD is HM500JI 500GB (SAMSUNG).
The HDD suddenly became undetectable by computer and slightly ticking noise.
I can take it to your London office (EC3 is more convenient for me).
Could you give me a price quote for the data recovery?
how long will it take to recovery?
How can I receive the recovery data?

A Letter from Finance

I received this letter from Finance in the form of an email earlier today which made me smile, the sender shall remain nameless…

“I have a faulty external hard drive which I am trying to recover data from. I have had the drive for a few years and this weekend I was unable to connect it to my laptop to remove data. I have tried a few things but the disc doesn’t appear to be spinning. When I plug in the adaptor the light blinks. Sometimes it makes a noise like it is connected to the laptop but does not show as connected”

What have I been talking about ever since I started this column? I’ve written so many posts and sent out so many emails about how important it is to not meddle with a hard drive when it goes faulty.

datlabs logoWe’ve had a few instances where employees have decided to have a go at fixing the hard disk problems themselves only for them to make a huge mess and then ask us to help rescue their files. In most of these cases, the damage they’ve caused to the hard drive has made it beyond repair.

We are at the moment trialing the capacities of the UK’s Datlabs – a data recovery service. I’ll let you know how they get on trying to rescue data from hard drives that are now badly damaged.