March 2017 – ICT Recovery Problems

Hi All – Here’s a selection of problems logged with the ICT last month. Thanks to our hard drive recovery chums Data Clinic for their continued support at getting most of this data back! Problems are from mainly phones and hard drives – let me say again, please don’t try to fix these faults yourself – have someone from ICT come to you – average response time in Feb 17 was 40 minutes.

I have a desktop that has not worked for 4/5 years , it just stopped. 123Gb HDD, still fitted in base unit, data recovery has not been recovered previously. I just want to get the data off the HDD

MacBook Pro 2011 hard drive partially failed. Tried to boot from an external HD but couldn’t find files. Looking to recover photos mainly.

I dropped my laptop this evening and when i turn it on it goes straight to the re-boot screen (aptio setup utility), the laptop was shutting down at the time of dropping it but had not completly shut down, how much would it cost for you to have a look at it asap?

I dropped my iphone at work and the screen is damaged and unreadable and before i send it to the insurance company to get fix i was wondering if i could retrieve the data. and how much it would be

MyPassport external hard drive. Tried copying over backup from hard drive onto new MacBook. Device was not showing up in finder. Was showing up in disk utility but unable to mound drive. First aid was also unsuccessful.

I have accidentally deleted a phone recording which I need for work. Any chance you can restore it please? I have an android StK phone.

Computer crashed and drive failed to remount on start up. Mac no longer detects hard drive but I can see it in Disk Utility which says it is corrupted.

Backed up data on external hard drive in the form of a time machine back up
My Mac was wiped to make running quicker, now I cannot install the back up or even access the files, my Mac isn’t recognising the device when plugged in
It’s in a hard external case, it used to be a sky hard drive which I then housed myself in an external case.
I would like to know if it’s possible to access the files and how much it would cost

The drive became very slow and them showed up as raw. The data recovery guy is unable to find a donor drive, says the head in busted. Hence looking for a donor drive

WD HDD wd600ue device was dropped – spins freely when read/write assembly removed but catches when installed again

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