January Enquiries – 2017 Style

Greetings everybody – I hope we’re all back in to the swing of things now after Xmas? Have a look at this post – it contains the most popular customer enquiries in our help desk in Jan. These are actual enquiries, with useful links where appropriate.

Note: On Weds 22nd Feb the ICT support unit is closed ALL DAY. See you local group leader if you run into problems. We are back open on the 23rd.

External hard drive was dropped and now will not power up its making a clicking noise seems to power up but not recognisable by laptop.

Can you restore data from an iPhone after a restore.
The data I am after recovering is Calander data , notes and possibly pictures.
If I could be emailed that be best best as if trying to keep the phone off.

I have a WD My passport Ultra which is no longer being recognized by the computer. I’ve tried different computers and different cords but it just isn’t registering. The light and fan do still turn on but I’m just unable to see my data:(
We live in Greenwich so is there an office we could stop by at to try to see if we can get it fixed ASAP? Do you have a rough price of what it would cost?
Thanks in advance for your help.

My computer started showing a flashing folder with a question mark. Went through all of the apple support instructions through internet recovery but it’s not able to find the startup disk so I can’t fix it with disk utility.

i have a 4TB Western Digital External hard drive that has stopped working for a
while i was wondering if you guys can take all the data on and move it over to
a 2 tb drive (dont worry last i check all the files weighed roughly around 1tb)
btw i live in cornwall and was wondering you address so if you can i can drop off both drives. for the issue i heard it grinding on something

Clicking, revving up are the main noises. Sometimes it could access certain files, sometimes it hung when trying to access the same files. The drive is relevantly new. It spins up , clicks a few times then seems to reduce speed or spin down/stop.

Dropped the WD 500GB external hard drive. It still powers up and can be heard to spin. Would like a cost for recovery.
I live near Coventry and could drop the hard drive off for assessment if required.

My Mac Air and any other device i plug my WD Passport in to – will not recognise it. I have the last 10 years of my photos and memories on there. Please could you help me.

Samsung Pro Evo 840 500gb SSD drive (same as the one you tested) has failed. Please can you give me approximate costs to recover, home user.

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