More hard drive woes

Hi Everyone – can I ask you all to make sure you know who your local computer support person is please – some of the enquiries below really shouldn’t be coming in to the main IT desk.

I’ve had a Western Digital (My Password Ultra) fail to load/show up on my mac (even under ways I’ve tried in the past). The light switches on, and I can hear it running, but nothing is showing up. It did experience a slight drop (very small) and it was days later that I attempted to plug in it etc.

I have a Seagate 500GB Momentus 7200.4 external hard drive, have owned it for about 5 years, just recently when I connect to the computer the computer doesn’t read it and the green light on the hard drives flashes on and off while also beeping intermittently. Just wondering timeframes and price to fix the external hard drive?

I have a western digital 3TB hard drive that is no longer being recognised by my computer. The PCB board on it gets burning hot so I believe it is a problem with than. Do you provide a service where you repair/replace the PCB board or do you only do data recovery. the hard drive is part of a pair that I have linked with ‘Storage spaces’ on windows 10.

dynamode hddExternal hard drive that has crashed due to mechanical fault according to shop I first bought it from. It’s 1Tb but can’t remember how much data was on it probably about 250Gb? Casing says Dynamode but I seem to recall when I had a problem with the drive before that the casing was changed, on that occasion it was the USB lead at fault not the drive. Not all the data is important but some is of sentimental value etc

I have a WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hard drive. It stopped working the other week, and a very gentle drop onto the carpet. I have tried to reconnect the hard drive to my MacBook, and another PC. The light on the drive turns on, but usually doesn’t get recognised by the computer. After leaving it connected for a while, I have been able to see a read-only version of the hard drive, however when I attempted to copy files to my MacBook, it could not be done. Some message like ‘part of the file could not be read’. I can see the folders and files, and just need to recover one folder, with around 90GB of data in. Does this seem like the data should be able to be recovered? How much would this sort of thing cost?

New Year, New Problems

Greetings all! – 2017 starts with a bang as we look at the advice on the web site. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which I stood on and badly damaged. Is it possible to retrieve the photos etc? I have been to many phone shops who say they are unable to get them off but they have not actually looked at the phone.

All the data on my WD passport has been accidentally removed. I’ve checked with various programs and there is still data there that can be recovered. How much do you charge to recover it?

One windows partition with music, pictures videos has been formated by mistake. Want to recover the files.

I dropped my hard drive and now it won’t be recognised on the computer and makes a ticking noise when loading. I have a lot of pictures on my hard drive and really hope that you can recover them as i’m really worried that a lifetime of pictures have gone!

My hard drive has stopped working and when it is plugged in to other computers they do not recognise it. I have pictures, music and documents on the laptop which I would like to have recovered.

My portable hard drive got dropped and won’t load on the computer. I took it to PC World where it was purchased and they couldn’t do a data recovery on it due to the ‘moving parts’ no longer working and they had no spares, and apparently them no longer making the spares for it. It’s a Seagate 1tb.
Wondering if you had any advice?

Hard Drive took a kncok whilst plug in. Now does not connect to laptop and has a ticking sound

The port on the external hard drive is moving around so the cable cant connect properly to it. I was wondering if that was something you could repair so I could use it again?

Hi, how much is it to recover data from a laptop which is broken? (Lenovo Thinkpad)