Happy Xmas 2016 Everyone

Happy Xmas

Hello everyone and here’s me and the ICT Dept wishing you all a very happy xmas for 2016.

Here are our opening times over the Xmas and New Year break:

Friday 23rd Dec: Close at noon
Monday 26th Dec: Closed all day
Tuesday 27th Dec: Closed all day
Wednesday 28th Dec: Reopen at noon – 5pm

Monday 2nd Jan 2017: Closed all day
Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017: Open from 9am

Please note during the holiday period we will not be running an out of hours service!

I politely suggest you give yourself a holiday and don’t work over this period anyway!

In the meantime…. more problems with hard drives… >>> (Remember, ICT is NOT open over the festive break. If you require hard drive recovery of similar I suggest you look for a local one on a trusted data recovery blog site such as Recover Deleted Data.

I have a Mac formatted 500GB external hard drive which is pretty much full. It has become unreadable on my Mac laptop, but it can be read through HFS Explorer via a PC. I have managed to extract the odd file but to copy 500GB seems like it would take days using this method so I am looking for a quick turnaround service to get the data extracted and saved to a new Mac formatted drive (this can be provided).

I have a seagate external hard drive, the old version that requires a power socket.
Since moving house it hasn’t worked, I suspect it suffered a knock during the move.
When plugged into a computer, it is not recognised as plugged in and bleeps and makes a struggling whirring sound.
I have photos and music that are over 20 years old and really need to recover them.

I have recently encountered a problem with my old laptops hard drive, which up to 3 weeks ago was still functioning properly. However, last week I didn’t manage to boot my laptop as the hard drive couldn’t be detected! This may be a long shot as it is a 6 year old laptop and it may have just given up. The last thing I was doing on my laptop was downloading and installing a video game on Steam.
Please let me know through email what my options are.

My 16GB USB memory stick is requesting I format it. The system is no longer recognising the device. Is it something that can be saved?

I have dropped my sea gate hard drive, the light came on when I plugged it in, but the drive didn’t appear

The external hard drive was used to set up a PC with Windows 10. The windows download tool was added to it. Now all the previous files have been wiped and it just has setup files. Is there anyway of recovering the old files?

I’ve got a 2,5inch 230GB hard drive used as a back-up, but it stopped working. I can hear it spin up, but no read, I think I heard a click as weel but not sure.
What would be the cost to fix this?

Drive stopped working. As external and moved often, possible impact damage. Drive still powers up and spins. Can be viewed in device manager and disk utility (PC/Mac) but no data read. Personal drive containing media, documents, photos etc.

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