Buying a Manchester House with a Mortgage

I’m writing this post as a special “Thank You” to Andy at Manchester Mortgages who were able to get me a mortgage when I thought it was not going to be possible…

Buying a house these days is quite difficult. This is because of the inflated UK housing market that has pushed the prices of houses – even for first time buyers – out of the reach for many people.

While many people who already own houses think this is a good thing (they are sitting on a profit after all), the exact opposite is true for people who are looking to buy and get their feet on the first rung of the property ladder. I spoke to Manchester experts Manchester Mortgages about the difficulties of getting into the housing market in Greater Manchester.

“The biggest problem we find is people with no deposit” said Manchester Mortgage’s Andy Butterworth. “These days it’s imperative that people have a decent deposit to make a down payment on a house they are serious about buying”. It’s not only the domestic market that Andy takes an interest in. Greater Manchester as a whole has a thriving commercial property scene where deposits are easier to find. “Right across Manchester, from east to west and north to south there are a lot of mortgages getting the go ahead for property sales”, says Andy. “We recently completed a property deal for computer forensics specialists Computer Science Labs in their move from the centre of Manchester to the outskirts of Bury and Rochdale.

“This is a company that deals with a lot of hard drive problems and as such they needed a mortgage that was suitable for them where the amount of deposit they could put down was flexible. In the end they bought a decent property and we were able to find them a lender at a very competitive rate.”

Speak to Andy direct on Manchester 0161 706 0242.

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