Hard Drives With Problems – Data Recovery Needed

LEA problemsThis is what my IT support desk has to deal with on a daily basis!

“I have a Samsung M3 1TB. The hard drive is powered but PC is not able to recognise the drive. I took to my local PC repair and they identified the heads were stuck and freed. Unfortunately the drive is still not readable but the beeps have stopped. I desperately need the contents of the Hard drive, please tell me you can help?”

“Seawater external hard drive has stopped completely. No whirring sounds. No light coming on. No warning!
(I think they mean Seagate rather than Seawater!)”

“Windows 10 failed install. HO Laptop won’t boot. Error message saying os can’t be loaded critical driver missing or errors.
Error 0xc000007b
Can’t recover or reset due to messages saying Windows drivers locked and something about partitions? I would like to restore my laptop to a functions Windows no matter what version and more importantly not lose my files and photos which have not recently been backed up 🙁 Can you fix this and how much for?”

“Cannot make my hard drive to start anymore. Western Digital.”

“Can’t access hard drive with much of my work on it.It’s an old disk drive – circa 2000, and modern motherboards won’t look at it. SCSI I think. Sure would like to retrieve my work. Can you help?”

“Affected drive: Seagate ST2000VM003. Drive used in Seagate Central NAS enclosure that suddenly stopped working and being recognised. Was recognised and accessible in the morning, but not showing up in the evening. Has not been dropped. The drive tries to spin up (so looks like getting power) but even when hooking up to a SATA-USB cable then cannot be seen by PC. Tried running Ubuntu and GParted to detect. When running GParted get the following information: /dev/sdb: unrecognized disk label and only sees 3.86GB. Also read it could be issues with the pcb but don’t know why it has failed.
Trying to see if the data can be recoverd.”

“Swannview home cctv with a dvr hdd 500gb recording Hard drive. It is setup to over right the oldest date once full. I need to recover cctv footage for 27/06 but at present I can only go back to 29/06. Could this be recovered”

“Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1000 G Bytes Hard drive from the tower PC,
Nothing would load from the hard drive, noise / clicking etc..
Had the hard drive changed at my local PC Shop but they can not recover any data from original drive.
Please advise time and cost to recover files etc…”

Data recovery costs can vary considerably. In the UK the average cost of a data recovery service on a hard drive is about £600, but can be more if spare parts for the hard drive are also required. If parts are necessary you can easily add about £150 onto this price. Phone recovery costs are slightly less – about £300 and spare parts are cheaper too at approximately £100.

Yes my IT staff can help recover your data. If you have a staff code or are LEA affiliated, use Form 270B and you’ll be able to offset the costs to your department. Note that costs exceeding £500 will need approval from a local LEA Director, but costs less than £100 can be approved by level 2 staff and above.