Data Recovery from SSD

Here’s a new member of the team from  London. Her name is Monika and she’s sent a request:

Today I was backing up my folder with photos from my internal 256gb internal ssd drive in my laptop ASUS N551JM to external 750gb HDD drive. Because I finished working with that folder, I deleted it of the computer to free some disk space. A second later I discovered that the parent folder is gone (76.1gb) and my drive is showing that amount of space free. I thought maybe I accidentally deleted the folder but the Recycle Bin was empty with no option to restore files. Supposedly because the folder was to big.
I have no recollection of deleting the parent folder but it could have been a fatal mistake.

What I tried:
I was very careful not to do any writing to the disk (obviously some minor ones cannot be avoided, I am aware of this). I downloaded Recuva and EaseUS on a different PC. I installed them on my ASUS from external hard drive. They both detected some clusters of the missing files as not overwritten memory but not all of them. They were not found in the Recycle Bin, neither among the files prefixed by $RECYCLE. The path resembled original one “C://?/…/20.05 – monika – hampstead heath”, when the original path was “C://Work/Photos/2016/may/20.05 – monika – hampstead heath”

Other missing folders (but not all of them) were found in similar way.

This leads me to believe that it could have been not my mistake but the system/drive being unreliable.

I tried recovering the files to an external drive. Recovered files did not open (i tried photoshop and photoviewer that normaly handles cr2) and Metadata was missing. Most of the lost files were in raw Canon format .CR2, at least the important ones. The other files were Adobe lightroom libraries nested inside the photos folder. What matters the most are the raw files. I can do the edit again.
I was running out of battery on my lunch break, so I hibernated the computer (I know, this might overwrite the files too, but it’s better than letting the battery discharge at this point).

About the computer:
You can find the model here:

It’s the version with 256 internal SSD.
It came with Windows 8, upgraded to Windows 10.
The computer still should be on warranty.
At the time of the accident the disk space was full, that’s why I was looking to delete backed up folder that I finished working with (approximately 14gb).

Can you help? What would be the approximate price of recovering this data? Is it possible there’s a failure in my drive and I would need to replace entire SSD drive? I am working as a software engineer, feel free to use technical jargon. Let me know, if you need any more information. I would prefer to be contacted by e-mail, if possible.