Raid Data Recovery in Kirklees and Leeds

Hello, yes I know my previous post was about Datlabsdatarecovery as well, so apologies for the repetition BUT here’s some decent information that I know some of you have been requesting: getting a heads-up on data recovery and working with hard drives…

West Yorkshire district map2016 sees Leeds raid and data recovery specialists Datlabsdatarecovery ( bring their unique brand of raid repair and troubleshooting techniques to various parts of West Yorkshire. “The aim is to inform people about how data recovery and the retrieval of lost files is a part of everyones life”, said director Russ Burrows, 63, when we recently meet for a coffee at Datlabsdatarecovery’s live raid and data recovery training event in Leeds.

He told me, “Nearly all recorded information these days is digital. The days of writing things down seem to be numbered, instead everything is stored digitally, but what people don’t realise is the dangers of loosing this information”. This is true. We store our digital information as files on computer hard drives and these hard drives break, they are not foolproof. When they do break, the numbers of us that have backups of the data are very few. The rest of us will loose that data unless we use a company such as Leeds’ Datlabsdatarecovery to repair our hard drives and rescue our files.

To get that message across – the message of the value of data, Datlabsdatarecovery are going on the road across Yorkshire, paying particlar attention to Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and the areas administered by the Kirklees council. Throughout 2016 and into 2017, the company have agreed to showcase their talents at several centres throughout Yorkshire. The dates and venues of these are:

Leeds Valley Park – Spring 2016
Bradford University – Summer 2016
Kirkless Council Offices, Dewsbury – Autumn 2016
Wakefield College – Winter 2016 – 2017

These showcase events will demonstrate the skills of working with defective hard drives: how to repair them and how to recover the data from them. They should prove informative and interesting: I personally have lost data on a different occasions that I did not know how to get back, and if I had known these recovery and repair techniques, maybe I’d have been able to save my files.

Please note that these venues are subject to change and I recommend you contact Datlabsdatarecovery directly to confirm the event before setting off to a venue.

One that note, I promise my next post won’t be about Datlabsdatarecovery, I’ve got a few ideas on the go already and one of them will become a blog post so, until next time, keep well!