Big Problems For Data Recovery Companies

In the UK there are perhaps 5 data recovery companies. Now when I use the words “data recovery company” I am talking about a specialist company that can recover data from broken hard disks. A Google search for “data recovery company” in the UK will produce thousands of results, but 99.9% of the results returned will not be for data recovery companies, instead they will be PC shops that offer a data recovery service.

Heres the problem: the data recovery services provided by PC shops are far inferior to the data recovery services provided by these 5 or so proper data recovery companies, but YOU and I don’t know that. There’s a very high probability that a PC shop will be unable to repair a hard drive with a mechanical fault and therefore will be unable to recover the data from the hard drive, but a specialist data recovery company will be able to repair the drive and recover the data from it.

So the moral of this story is to understand that the data recovery services offered by most of the companies in a Google search will be useless as they are PC shops and not proper data recovery companies.

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