Useful post re SSD and budgeting

For those of who feel the sometimes overwhelming expectations to keep our IT infrastructures up to date and current comes this useful report about SSD’s. Now I know that many staff keep asking us to install them on their systems – it think they think that having one makes them look flash? So, finding the above report suggests to me that SSD’s are not the next big thing and perhaps (knowing the amount of data that some of our staff keep) we’d be better sticking to HDD technology.

The one big thing about HDD hard disk drives is that they’re cheaper than SSDs as we all know. But now we wont have to argue on cost basis alone – we now have storage capacity on our side and the industry belief that SSD is just for high end systems.

Of course, we also all know how to use HDDs so there won’t be any retraining options either.

A footnote is that I’ll be at the UK LEA conference on Friday so if anyone has any questions on this please ask me then.

Another footnote: I’ve added a new category called ‘LEA authority’ to my posts from here on in – it should make it easier to sort through posts.

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